Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The First Day of School

Today is the first day of Cal Poly, but I don't really care. I don't go there anymore. I've graduated and moved on to bigger and better things. Well... different more agreeable things anyway. Actually I spent today talking like a pirate. My place of employment (job for those of you who never went to college (I shouldn't insult my readers (if I have any) (I'm sorry. This is suppsoed to be a serious blog.))) (I like parenthesis.) So I was thinking today about how there are two types of wisdom that I have to draw from. I don't always draw from one of the two, and I think that wisdom doesn't come with age. Disapline does. Because even though I have the ability to make wise decisions, I don't always have the discipline. The two types of wisdom I've noticed (and first noticed in other people before I did in myself (but that's probably because I don't pay as much attention to what I say as I do to what others say. (This reminds me of another point I have (I hope, if anyone is reading this, tht you are laughing now, and not annoyed))).
The two types of wisdom that I've noticed are Biblical Wisdom (what the Bible teaches and what you would get spirtually from God, which is always also in the Bible (even though you may not have read it.)) and Earthly Wisdom (what makes sense and sounds good, usually aquired through experience and/or meditation on a particular subject (philosophy.)) Both of these forms can give advice. I've often searched through Biblical Wisdom to help someone who is struggling with truth, and use Earthly Wisdom to help someone who's struggling with the world (like jobs and money and school and other stuff like that.) What God showed me today is that Biblical Wisdom covers both, and Earthly Wisdom can be wrong. Both Biblical and Earthy Wisdom tell (not suggest) how things are. Not could be or should be, but are. Biblical Wisdom we believe because we have faith in the Bible and trust God. Earthy Wisdom depends not on God but our experiences, and just becasue something worked for me once, doesn't mean that it will work for anyone else, or for me in the future for that matter. But God is never changing.
As I learn more about the Bible, I can lean more on Biblical Wisdom and discard Earthly Wisdom. Then my experiences won't be evident on how smart or stupid I was once, but instead on how God has shown Himself strong in my past. The crutch is that I would want to keep my Earthly Wisdom until I feel that my Biblical Wisdom is strong enough to do so, but I know tht that is just pride. That has an "a" in it. I don't want to be prideful anymore, but to see clearly, as God sees. If anyone knows me, and I try and give you advise. Feel free to ask me if what I'm saying is from my own "wisdom" or from God. Keep me accountable.

Okay, so second point. People (and I count as people) like to emphasize what they say by using words that communicate a stonger sense that what is true. This is fine if one wants to emphasize a certain point, but if one tries to emphasize everything one says, nothing stands out. The first thing I've noticed is the word need. Everyone needs everything. I need some alone time right now. I need to eat pizza tonight. I need those sunglasses. I just have to get out of here. It doesn't all seem as necessary as people say. You will live if you don't get what you are saying you need. You want that. You don't need that. Another thing I noticed is that people will decide that certain things have to happen in order to get what they want. Phrases that start off with, "The only way is..." and "It can only happen if..." really annoy me. I honestly don't want to listen to whatever coems after those words. I know that Jesus is the only wayt for us to be with God, but beyond that, I think that there may be ways for you to get what you want that you haven't thought of. The world's a big place and God is bigger. Just because you only see one way doesn't mean that God doens't ahve a narrow gate all planned out for you. You need (and this is the proper usage of need) to keep your eyes on God if you want to follow Him. He may not always go where you think He will. He is not bound by your intelligence. Furthermore, saying you need something when you don't and saying that something has to happen a certain way (unless the Bible says it does) is lying. And when you lie like that, you are not lying (not well anyway) to those who you are talking to, but to yourself. And when you say that someone else needs this in his or her life to change his or her situation. You don't know that. That person might someday wake up from as if from a bad dream and decide that things need to change and look to God for it. You don't know. We are God's helper. He is not ours. He tells us what to do, we do it. The Holy Spirit is our helper, but He doesn't help us do things. He helps us listen to the instruction from the Father and He prays on our behalf. You don't know what God's going to do and saying that something has to happen is limiting your view on God and you start to believe that God doesn't have as much power or intelligence as He does. And just so you know. The "you" in this blog is not referring to the reader (if there is one). This is addressed to me. But if you (the reader) learned something from this, then praise God. I already am.

Okay, and one more thing (I think). I was just watching the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and the fights between the older lady and the young girl made me think of an old Christian (one who has walked with the Lord a while) and a young Christian (one who is in the "first feelings" stage of his relationship with the Lord). The young Christian may think himself more talented and intelligent than the older one, and may think himself a better Christian becaue of it. He can do things that the other can't. Move faster, harder, longer. Serve in the church mroe hours a day or a week or so forth, but the older Christian is stronger and more steadfast. It comes to ability verses discipline. The older has years of practice and has hardened to those easy temptations that can get a young Christian down. The older Christian doens't want to fight the younger one, but does because he knows that letting the young one fly off the handle when he could step in is not right for his role as an older Christian. The young one wants to do things his own way and serve God in his own way. Being an individual Christian is not good for the body. I, as the younger Christian, should look up tomy elders in Christ with more respect and attempt to learn more from them instead of trying to battle them in words and verses.

Okay, that's it for the first day of school. Please go home and think about what we learned today. Tomorrow is show and tell. Bring something interesting.

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