Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Jehovah's Witnesses

Two Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door this morning. They asked,
"With all the different religions out there, what do you think is
true?" I gave them the Gospel. They asked to show me something in the
Bible and I told them I had to get to work. (Which I did, and I left
for work before they left the complex so they saw that I wasn't just
trying to avoid them.) They said that they'd come back and I don't want
to brush them off like I did this morning. I didn't want to this
morning, either. I want to give them the reason for my faith and tell
them who God really is. And who Jesus really is. Please pray for me so
that when they come back, God will speak through me. I am sure He has a
lot to say to those who go around as false witnesses of Him and I
wouldn't mind if He used me to say it. I do want to protect my roommate
who may or may not be strong enough with the Lord to be in these
conversations. I know when they came last time, I was not. But that was
five years ago. I've learned so much more and have seen God worked more
and can be a better witness of Jesus that I was then. Please pray that
I'm a better witness for Jesus, than they are for Jehovah. (I don't
want to argue with them over small things like being friends with
animals when the world is like eden again or the correct pronunciation
of the name of God. I want to only say what God says. PLease pray for

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