Thursday, September 29, 2005

Two types of Christians

I was just thinking about the different types of Christians. There are those who are all out for Christ. These people, of whom I would like to be counted, are those who desire to trust God completely with everything they are and have. This is a scary thought for everyone else, to trust your life and death to a God you can't see or touch. But to one who believes, it is a comforting thought; to lie at peace within the folds of the robes of the one who created the universe with a Word, who holds it together and still spends every waking moment of our lives deepening this never ending relationship with Him.
The other kind of Christian only wants God to be in his life partly. This guy really isn't Christian at all (sorry if it offends, but truth hurts). He only wants God because of what he can get, and if God tells him to do something that goes against what he wants, he won't listen. He does not belong to God. He is trying to make God belong to him. My God is mine, like a wife's husband is her. She does not only have him to do stuff for her when shewants it, but she is committed to him fully. (One reason I hate divorce in this country is because the commonality of it is destroying the perfect image God gave us in marriage of what love should be like. Next thing you know, it will be common to kill our children so as to destroy the relationship model of father and son... oh wait, we have abortion.)
I can't think of another type of Christian. Mostly just these two catagories. Either the person desires to please God or desires to have God please him. He doesn't have to be perfect to be in the first group. He just has to desire perfection. Perfection is not an unattainable goal. Read the Bible to find out what I mean. (I'm thinking of Philippians.

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J said...

...then there is the Christian our slow to anger and compassionate God is pursuing. The Christian who's faith/trust/belief is being grown/watered/nurtured by the Spirit. The Christian who is moving forward...albiet inches at at a time. The Christian who may even be sliding in reverse.

I have been all this and more...but at the end of the day I thank YHWH that He is patient, full of goodness, thinking good thoughts for/towards me. I thank Him now. I'll try to remember to thank him first thing in the morning too. And I'll remeber it when I think of my brothers...both those who love and don't love God.
Thnak you Jonathan.