Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jehovah's Witnesses part 2

So they came back. They came and I was in bed, trying to weasel five
more minutes out of the day. I heard the doorbell, but didn't get up
because I thought my roommate Josh was expecting someone. I heard him
answer the door and I could tell from the voices that the Jehovah's
Witnesses were back again. I prayed as I threw on some sweats and made
my presence known behind Josh, who had the door open a crack and poked
his head through. They (the Jehovah's Witnesses) were talking about the
Kingdom that God's going to set up on Earth and asked Josh to read from
Daniel. I started talking about how Jesus said that His kingdom was not
of this earth or His servants would be fighting and how John the
Baptist said, "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near." I asked if they
believed that by near, they thought he meant over 200 years in he
future. They said yes. We said more stuff, but what I noticed was that
she wasn't trying to convince me. He attention kept trying to tear
itself back to my roommate, who I'm sure was thinking. "I need a
shower." She pushed to have a time to come back and talk to Josh. She
tried to set up a time but he doesn't know when he will be available.
(Praise God)
Honestly, I don't think I said everything that I should have, but I
don't think that I said anything that I shouldn't. I felt God's
presence there and as I made my presence known behind Josh, I'm sure
that the Jehovah's Witness (the one that I could see, the other one
wasn't in my frame of vision.) felt God's presence. I could see it in
her eyes. I'm asking for prayer, of anyone who reads this, that if they
do come back, I will be ready to do what God has in store for me. I
think it would be easier if I was home alone when they came back, so
they wouldn't be distracted by trying to convert my roommate and have
no choice than to listen to me or leave. Please pray that I am bold and
truly relate God's truth, both His Word and His Love to these people.
Since they are still alive, roaming this earth, I can't help but think
that God hasn't given up on them yet, so they need the Gospel. They
know the Gospel, but they need to accept it as something more than
background knowledge or history. They need to understand that our God
is a personable God and we are not here on earth to work to obtain
citizenship in the Kingdom God's setting up, but that we who believe
are already citizens in Heaven. Pray for my roommate. If they do come
back, it will be for him, and not for me. I gave him a good fair
warning about them after they left. I gave him a Bible verse to look up
later (2 John Verse 7) and I've been praying for him ever since. I
don't know how strong he is in his trust in God. Please pray for both
of us. He did take that shower.

Last time I left the conversation with a comma, and this time I left
it with a period. My roommate left it with a comma so they're back. I
want them to come back, so I can end it with an exclamation mark.

Jonathan Dow
Product Fulfillment Specialist
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"People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them." - Dave Barry