Wednesday, November 09, 2005


A friend of mine just called from Seattle. She wanted to tell me an idea she had for a story. Her enthusiasm inspired my interest in a story I started a while back and put away "for now" which means a long time. I want to start that up again, but I have a problem... I'm lazy and I have a big hurtlke to get over before I can carry on. It will take a few hours at least, maybe evben many. What I need to do is set aside a day... maybe saturday, to get over it. After that, it is just a few pages a day, and not even everyday. If you know me, please try to keep me accountable to this. If I can get this all done in a day (or significantly started) the inertia should carry me quite a ways. Also, I had a cool dream last night, check it out in my dream blog.

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