Wednesday, April 19, 2006

He's okay.

I drove home today. My father met me at the door. He was getting the mail. Yesterday, as he was riding the BART, he lost consciousness twice. He woke up and refused assistance. They people who were trying to tend to him kept asking him how many fingers they were holding up or whatthe date was. Dad was annoyed. He and my younger brother David came home so Dad could sit and watch television and David mowed the lawn. Later that night, Dad felt a pain in his lower left abdomin and he couldn't bend over to dry his legs after his shower. They called for an ambulence and the police and firemen came as well. Today we received a get well card from across the street and our neighbor stopped by to see how he's doing.

How is he doing?
He moves slower today. Even the dog has followed suit with his own slothfulness. I can take away a bone that he was chewing on and he'll just look at me like I performed a magic trick. I offered to drive my dad somewhere, anywhere. It was a beautiful day and I spent a bit of it on our front porch reading a book. (The house is drenched with smoke from his pipe.) Dad didn't want to go anywhere. He watched a lifetime movie about bank robbers who got stuck in a mansion with a family during a storm. The child's name was Moses. He was trying to set his family free.

How is he doing?
He claims that the reason he fainted was because he had his pills without a big breakfast and was wearing his coat and hat on the hot BART train. That's what he says. He might be right, but he is taking pin relievers for the pain in his side and has difficulty bending his legs. It's strange to see your father this way. My youngest brother is still in High School. Shouldn't this be happening twenty years from now? I remember playing catch with my father when I was on a baseball team before practice. We were early for everything. That's because no matter where we were going, we left a half hour early. Even if it was the park down the street. He didn't have a glove, and caught bare-handed everything I threw at him. Now, he has trouble bending down to put a piece of food in the dogs dish. Our dog used to bark at him whenever he drifted off to sleep in his chair. Now the dog is lying on the couch sleeping itself. This is contagious.

How is he doing?
He doesn't seem shaken a lot from the half night in the hospital. He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 2:30. He hasn't asked for prayer yet, but he's glad I'm home. I pray for him anyways. God told me on the way home that I have nothin to worry about. Nothing bad is going to happen on this trip. But this isn't the last trip I'm going to take because of this. It's just the first. Perhaps that's the least encourageing thing about this trip. What's the most encouraging? God is with me and He has prepared me for the trial ahead.

I appreciate those who have prayed and are praying. God sees you and listens to your voices. I have faith in this, and in my faith, there is hope. Praise the Lord for what He's been to me. He is an everlasting Father.

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