Thursday, April 20, 2006

Praise the Lord

I was up late last night losing my voice all over again, talking about God with my youngest brother David. He had questions like, why is there so much mroe talk about hell then about heaven? I told him that there wasn't in the Bible. There is more talk about heaven in the Bible. People are the ones who focus on hell. He had more questions and God kept on giving me answers.

He said that God has spoken to him before, so I asked what God said. David said that God just kept telling him that He is here. David said he has never answered. He doesn't know what to say. Isn't that cool?

I gave the gospel a number of times in different ways and David said that down the road, he thinks he will become Christian. He just wants to find it himself instead of just being told. I continue to pray for him and praise God for the work He has already done.

As for my father, I took him to his doctor's appointment today and they advised physical therapy for his movement and an chest x-ray to check for asbestos. Other than that, he's okay. The passing out was from not eating when he took his pills that morning. The pain is still a mystery, but it has subsided without the medication they gave him. Everything is back to normal...

Normal isn't always good. He sent us (my brothers and I) to get lunch and bring it back and he stayed home and watched Days of Our Lives. I thought a lot of the soap opera sterotypes are exaggerated, but they really aren't. Everyone is in love with everyone else and all the girls are jealous of each other and manipulative and all the ugly guys are evil and the non-ugly guys are physically strong but emotionally unstable, so that the women can win them over whenever they want. Marriages and divorces run rampant down the streets of our lives and soliloquies and overacting show the thoughts of our lives. Everyone has a secret, and they are always telling everyone else and the audience so that the secrets are anyting but.

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Kristen said...

That's awesome to hear about your brother! I'll be praying :D