Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Hide. Stand Up.

The internet showed me a thread (discussion) that people have been having about the existence of God. It was started by this guy who said that God didn't exist. This is his argument:
The concept of god in Christianity, which is derived from the bible in a selective approach, is containing stuff as:

• All mighty
• Faultless
• Pure goodness
• Love for people

With some investigation one can easily detect that this god, as described in the old and new testament, is no good at all, according the ethical standards of today.

That means that god is according our criteria unethical and that he isn’t answering the principle of being faultless. In spite of this, Christians still insist that god is perfect. So he doesn’t exist.

Some will say that he’s formatted according what the early Christians defined as being good. But then the same would be valid for Tezcatlipoca of the Aztecs, the Shiva from Vishnu and with even more reasons for Amithaba Buddha. So why should one select Yahweh as premium choice?

Every attempt to immunise voices inside Christianity against rational critique will fail on the conclusion that these immunisation techniques are equal usable to defend the voices of other religions and sects, including the most absurd ones.

Or one has a definition to give the bible and Christianity a privileged statue but then one must be able to present that definition or one does not have that definition. In the last case, all religions and sects and their revelations have in the field of speaking the truth equal worth.

Now as faulty as it is, and people have been more than generous in pointing that out to him (I don't know that this person is a guy), Not one person in the first 5 pages or so said that they were a Christian. There were Christian viewpoints being shared, but no one said that they were a Christian. Now, I've spoken to people, friends of friends of friends, who didn't know I was Christian when they started talking and they started saying stuff like this or that anyone who believes that stuff is crazy. My favorite times to open my mouth and start to speak are these times. "I believe it, do you believe that I'm crazy?" I always get a no and I'm sorry, like they were making fun of cancer or something but they always lead to fruitful conversations.
It seems that they just never talked to someone before who actually believes and they never knew what simple faith can do.

If you are ever in a situation where God is being mocked or ridiculed or preached against, and you call yourself a Christian, don't hide. Speak up. Even if they make fun of you and even if they hurt you, don't hide. Speak up. God will give you the words to say. They won't be treats or insults, but they will be the truth, and that will threaten their comfort and insult their evil more than anything you or I could come up with. Read Matthew 10:32. How can you afford not to?

As for this guy (girl?), I sent a personal message with the Gospel and said I was willing to discuss his (her) post without the crazy insults and loosely based and badly spelled comments on the original discussion. Please pray for me. My goal is to show him (her) Jesus, not to just prove him (her) wrong.

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