Monday, October 15, 2007

Political Game

I had an idea just now. what if we made a political game like Nation States, but better, where you can write your own legislation and arguments and where people can vote... perhaps not everyone has their own nation, but you can move to a new nation... hmm... Perhaps you start out in a nation, and you have to move through ranks to lead it. Once you have a certain amount of influential power, you can convince a population to move with you and create separate nation. Of course, the governing bodies don't like this because they lose some of their population. Let's say, the guy with the most power has 50 million people, the next guy has 25 million people. If these were the only two guys in the nation, the top guy leads 75 million people, even though 50 million are loyal to him. If the other guy goes and starts a nation of his own, then the top guy loses the voting clout of 25 million on international issues. He wants to keep the 25 million happy. The 25 million guy may not want to start his own country, or if he did, he might choose because of the benefits of being in a 75 million person country. Perhaps bandits attack smaller countries and resources are more abundant (as well as workload) so people are happier working together. Maybe... It's an interesting idea. I wonder if there are any programmers and political scientists out there who would be willing to work on this with me.

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