Friday, October 12, 2007

So last night, I went to Los Osos and lead a Bible Study. It was a lot of fun and a lot of good things were said. I just hope and pray that they go beyond being said and are put into action. James says that faith without works are dead.

I also got a chance to practice the songs for children's ministry. The teacher that I teach with (who plays guitar and leads the worship music) is leaving to start another Children's Ministry in Cambria. That's great for him, but it leaves a gap in my abilities. Praise the Lord that Heidi is helping every week. Together, we're going to tackle the music part of Sunday School, an area I've always been uncomfortable with and felt inadequate to lead. Having Heidi helping with that has made it less scary and I'm actually excited to see how it works out.

I didn't get home until after midnight. A friend was over to work on something wit my roommate, but he had a personal problem and my roommate and I spent a good amount of time listening, encouraging, and praying for him. Of course I can't go into details on the internet, but I do want to say that times like that, where people pull together to help someone, brings out the joy of the Lord in me. I love to feel like I'm being useful and doing something good, and if I have a friend who is having a hard time, I have more enjoyment lending a hand than avoiding the situation and doing something "fun." Of course I don't want bad things to happen in order for me to do stuff like that, but I appreciate that they are not hidden from me.

Today, I voted on a couple of issues in my fake country, Jeisra. It was difficult in the fact that I couldn't form my own opinion about it. I had to agree with one side or the other, and the way the arguments were constructed, I didn't agree with either. My thoughts on the issue coincided with one side, and I ended up voting that way, but I would rather have been able to write why I thought that way instead of letting one side win. I wonder if real politicians feel that way.

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