Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Night Brain Storms

I've had a lot of ideas running through my head recently... I'm going to have to go through them backwards... I'm hungry, but I'm going to try and ignore that one until I get some of these out.

On the way back from Bible Study (I kicked a soccer ball around with some of the high schoolers afterwards) I thought of a way to present the Gospel using hacky sacks. I ask people to pretend they are eggs. Every time I kick one, it's a good deed. Small easy kicks are easy good deeds, the hard ones are big good deeds. I could list of some examples like doing dishes for my roommates or driving to LA to rescue a friend whose car has broken down. I play until it falls. Once the egg hits the ground, it's broken. I made a mistake. That's what God calls sin. What do I do? Get another egg. More good deeds. Mention that I can't get good at this unless I've dropped a lot of eggs in the past. After a while, that one falls too. What should I do? Get another one.

Now after a while, I'm standing around with a lot of broken eggs at my feet. I've run out of eggs and what happens now? Look at all these broken eggs? Someone gave me these eggs. What do I do if He comes back and asks for them. I'm just standing here with the evidence at my feet. And by now it would start to smell. I could run, but He'll find the eggs and then He'll know what I did because He knows He gave them to me. Every good think God gave me in order to do god deeds, I have turned into sin. I'm going to have to face facts. I'm going to have to apologize and ask for forgiveness. This is the decision I've made. I've realized that running is pointless and lying is stupid. The damage is done and I can't do anything about it. The many good deeds I did do are in the past, and I've lost count. I can see all my mistakes right here before me.

But what Jesus does, is He fixes all my mistakes. I would then kick up each hacky sack back into my hand. He did this by dying on the cross, because in real life, our sins are bad enough that we deserve to die. And every egg that He mends, and every mistake that He fixes becomes a trophy of His Mercy and Grace. And all of a sudden, I have more trophies than I can hold.

Someone said something good to me tonight in Bible Study. Proverbs 14:17

On the way to Bible Study, I thought about my Website and wanted to make it a house again. I thin I can do this better with iWeb. I know that you are not supposed to mess with navigation, but I don't care. I DON'T CARE.

I'm not going to write anymore because I'm going to go get some food. Hungry. Check out later once I get the website up.

::Ask me later to talk about today's teens and why I feel old about the way they shock me.::

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