Thursday, November 22, 2007

I think I'm becoming a snob

I answer email all day long. I make mistakes in my spelling and grammar. Even with a degree in English, I still make mistakes and I don't always catch them. But lately I have found myself frustrated and unwilling to give complete answers to people who type in all caps and/or leave all punctuation out of their query. I understand mis-spelled words and mis-typings, but is there not a simple standard that I can expect the average person to live up to? You are asking for professional help for free. The least you can do is make your question reasonable. Maybe I'm asking too much.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My newest idea is to make a webpage about how I want to change the world. I could start with a section that is about changing yourself (through the renewing of your mind with the Gospel of Jesus Christ) and a whole section on why change is important. I also want to have ideas on changing the political system, naming problems with it and possible solutions. If I was smarter, I would make this a discussion board... Maybe I still can... I could talk about democracy and why we vote. I could talk about the founding of the US and why it's important. I can compare capitalism with evolution and use that to talk about hypocrisy and hiding the truth. I don't know how I want the layout. I should look into seeing how much it costs to hire a programmer. I could learn it myself, but the learning process of something I don't like discourages my creative process because I get too tired from learning to create.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Scientists are really stupid

I think scientists are really stupid people who have fooled the world by making up stupid things and telling us we are not smart enough to understand them.

Sure, I admit it's possible that I am really not smart enough to understand these things, but if someone who knew them could explain them to me, I would listen. They would have to do a good job, or I'd make fun of them.

I was "learning" about the magnitudes of brightness for stars and other heavenly objects. (Heaven as in the sky, not the Heaven I get to go to when I die. (Or get raptured.)) The sun is a -27, and the moon is a -12. Some comet that I looked at tonight went from a 7 to a 2.5 within the last couple of weeks. The system counts down. How stupid is that? Ask anyone on the street, what star is brighter, one with a magnitude of 5 or one with magnitude of 2. Everyone would say and everyone would be wrong. That's because scientists want to feel smart so you have to go to school for years to learn what they made up. They don't want to change it because they already went to school to study to be smart and they have to keep it going so no one knows how gypped they really are. Why not have a simple magnitude system. Instead of saying a mag 1 star is 1000 times brighter than a mag 6 (which is the current system) say that anything you can see with the naked eye is 1. Anything that causes damage to your eye is a 10, and go from there. If you need a +10 telescope, it can be a .5 and a +100 can be a .25. We can approach 0 (which would be a black hole, where there is no brightness).

Another example of stupid science is negative decimals. On the receiver in my living room, I adjust the volume in negative decimals. What's the point of that? Why can't silence be 0?

Also, I've heard the argument before that Jesus can't know everything because he called the whale that swallowed Jonah a fish, and everyone knows that whales are mammals. But that's stupid because God calls everything He created to live in the water a fish. We are the ones who classified the Animal Kingdom. And I think it's completely useless. What's the point in classifying every species of life on this planet? I think the only reason is to have classes so other people can learn the system and feel smart because they know the latin names for everything.