Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My newest idea is to make a webpage about how I want to change the world. I could start with a section that is about changing yourself (through the renewing of your mind with the Gospel of Jesus Christ) and a whole section on why change is important. I also want to have ideas on changing the political system, naming problems with it and possible solutions. If I was smarter, I would make this a discussion board... Maybe I still can... I could talk about democracy and why we vote. I could talk about the founding of the US and why it's important. I can compare capitalism with evolution and use that to talk about hypocrisy and hiding the truth. I don't know how I want the layout. I should look into seeing how much it costs to hire a programmer. I could learn it myself, but the learning process of something I don't like discourages my creative process because I get too tired from learning to create.

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