Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Call For Prayer

My father has the unique opportunity to turn his life around. He was hospitalized to rid his dependency on alcohol. This is the chance that he needs to start living life again. Please
pray that he takes it.

I drove 200 miles to see him and was disappointed. He wasn't alert enough for me to talk to him like I wanted. I told him that I hate alcohol because of what it did to him, and I told him that I didn't want him to die yet because I don't know if he's going to heaven. He said he doesn't know either. He also said he'll take his chances. I told him, you can only get in through Jesus. I could tell that he didn't want to listen to me. His eyes never looked at me when I talked and half his answers were the unintelligible grumbling that he does when someone is trying to correct him. I am very discouraged in my visit. I hope it did him some good just knowing I made the trip.

I need prayer too. I need to remember that I'm not being rejected, but Christ is... although that doesn't make me feel better about my dad's situation. I would rather he reject me and accept Christ. I called the local Pastor and asked for prayer. He is praying and ready and willing to visit him when my dad wants to talk... if he wants to talk.

On a brighter note, God taught me something in the car ride home that I've been wondering for a while. What is the Kingdom of God? Jesus tells a bunch of parables of what it is like, but I haven't (until now) understood what it is. It is not heaven. I know this because a lot of the parables include weeds and birds and tares and other bad things. Also, it's not eternal because all of the farming parables only last until harvest. The Kingdom of God is the body of the Church. Just as a King is head over his loyal subjects, so is Jesus over us. There are people within the church who have been planted by the evil one, or have nested in the branches, but the true believers are attached to the vine and the evil weeds and tares will be thrown into the fire at harvest time. The Kingdom of Heaven is now, and the theocratic government
of the entire Church body... basically everyone who calls himself a Christian. I just thought that was cool.

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Shruti Maniar said...

Jonathan, I am praying for you and your father, and for his relationship with Christ and with you. I too am starting to realize this with family - that you would rather be rejected and have Christ accepted.

~ Shruti

btw, thanks for your insights on what the Kingdom of God means. I never realized that, but I think you are quite right. Thanks for the little lesson :)