Saturday, December 15, 2007

Morning in Eilat, Israel

This morning, I saw the sun rise over the Jordan Mountains. The rooms have a Thai theme and mine has an outdoor jacuzzi... my room, not the hotel. We are going to the Petra Valley this morning in Jordan. We're really exited.
Yesterday, we went up to Ein Geti and Pastor Matt Dragoun did a teaching on David's life. We were at the base of a tall, but skinny waterfall in an oasis in the desert. It's amazing, because there is also a spring here. Everywhere, we go in Israel from the fertle valleys in the north to the desert springs in the south, I am reminded of God's provision. I've just seen water coming out from the rock.
We got into the hotel late because we were waiting for the Holyde family to catch up to us. I suppose I have time now to talk about it. The day before, when we were traveling from Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee down to the Dead Sea, we stopped for lunch, Chante hopped off the bus first, and was hit by golf cart. I was off the bus before I knew what happened and I saw her on the ground. They were pushing the cart off her and the emts on our trip were getting to work. I went to talk to Hannah, who saw the whole thing, and everybody started praying. Without going into the scary details, the end of that chapter is that Chante is fine and suffered no broken bones. She had a mild concussion and stayed overnight in the hospital for observation. We only missed seeing the caves where the dead sea scrolls were found and we've all seen holes in rock before. The scrolls aren't there anymore. I gotta go now. I'll try again later.

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