Wednesday, May 28, 2008

God is so good.

Okay, so here's my week since Thursday. I worked and then went to Bible Study with Celeste. Afterwards, we had dinner (Tacos) and Heidi was... well... a less reserved Heidi than usual. Then I was going to leave, but Hannah needed help with her homework... then Ben needed help with his homework... then Heidi was writing mailing labels by hand... so I helped Celeste make labels on the computer for her... then it was 11:00pm. So I drove to Long Beach and got to my brothers apartment at 3 in the morning. Slept, and left for San Diego at 9. Arrived about 11 and waited with my other brother until the parent's arrived. We finally ate lunch at about 2. Then we went to Old San Diego, walked around the stores for a bit, and went to a mall. Dad was tired so we grabbed some pizza and went back to the hotel. After pizza, I was tired since I was just sitting around now and not doing anything. Wifi at the hotel wasn't free so I went to bed early. The next morning, we ate breakfast and sat through a 3 hour boring graduation. Then lunch at taco bell, gas... the tire was low so we had to find some air, then to my brother's place (stop at a mall for a grad gift for his roommate) until dinner at 6:45. Then we met my old friend from when I was growing up. He's a cop down there now. I didn't leave to come back to Morro Bay until 8:30ish. My iPod played a sermon from Chuck Smith on Acts 3 talking about prayer and faith. Then my engine temperature red lined and the low coolant light came on. I prayed asking God to cool my engine and I watched the needle go back to normal. This happened ten times. Around 1:30 am I stopped for gas in the middle of nowhere (I also had to go to the bathroom) and the gas station store was open so I asked for some coolant. I got to Morro Bay at 2:30 in the morning. The guy there helped me figure out where to put it and I drove the rest of the way home without a problem. The guy I'm staying with said that I shouldn't be here. the water pump is broken and that's really bad. I got it fixed in a day for $130. God is awesomest. I just thought you would like to hear the story.

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