Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back in Chico

I'm back in Chico now. I had a fun time in Pleasanton. On Monday, I went to San Francisco with my dad to meet my mom for lunch. She manages an independent living retirement community.
We went to Chinatown and ate Dim Sum. It was good, but I ate a lot. After taking my mom back to work, my dad went home and I meandered around the city for a few hours. I made it to Pier 27 this time before I decided to head back. I drove her home and we went to the Cheesecake factory for dinner. Okay, so this is pretty boring. Pleasanton isn't the most exciting place. Even in San Francisco, it wasn't that exciting. I did discover a little hidden park by Pier 27.

Today... Tuesday... well... it was... I washed my car for the first time. My brother walked out and said, "You have a green car? I thought it was blue!" I guess it was a little dirty. The water coming off was black in some parts and white in others... and I didn't soap it yet. So now it's clean, although it was so hot I could see the water evaporating in front of me.

My brother and I took out the seats to my parent's van and I packed it full of my stuff. I have a lot of stuff. The drive to Chico wasn't too bad. I stopped at Ikea to look around. I'll probably stop by there when I return the van to buy something. I just wanted to get an idea of what they had so when I arrange my room, I can think of what I need to get when I drive by there next.

Arriving in Chico, I hung out with Pastor Don and went to pick up my new keys. Then I came back and watched Rocky Balboa with his kids Antony and Charlie. Afterwards, they took over my computer playing with photobooth. It's weird looking at people looking so intently at their own faces, making their muscles huge and trying to dominate the screen. I don't like seeing my own picture. Anyway, so I'm using Pastor Don's computer to write this, and I might kick them off when I'm done so I can go to bed. Okay, I'm done.

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