Friday, July 25, 2008

It was my Birthday

Near the couch I sleep on is a white board. The residents of this
apartment and late night and sometimes overnight guests like to draw
pictures on the whiteboard. It currently displays an underwater mural.
The reason I mention this is because the underwater mural was being
drawn until past 3 in the morning. So I didn't get a lot of sleep
Wednesday night. Then I woke up and got to church by 8:30 for VBS.
They sang Happy Birthday as horribly as they could during the servant
devotions. I got the song again at the VBS Main Group, and once again
from my preschool class. It was sweet. I taught Chapter 4 of the book
of Jonah. It was a sad chapter. I also came up with another skit with
the puppet... half an hour before VBS started. I enjoy using puppets.
I feel more free using them then if it was the real me. I don't know
why. They just have a certain character that comes out of them when I
put them on. I also put a paper bag over my head so the kids can't see
my lips move. They thought it silly the first time I did it, but after
a minute or two, they forgot I was there and talked to the puppet.
After VBS, some of the high school kids made a music video of one of
the VBS songs and I taped it for them. We'll show it tomorrow. It will
be fun.

When I left church, I went looking for free internet. I found it in a
laundry room next to Kinkos. It was not air conditioned and I sat on a
wooden bench. I did not do any laundry. After a few minutes, I
realized I was too tired to be on the computer and came back to the
apartment, hoping to find it empty and quiet. No such luck. I dozed in
the kitchen to sounds of "The Patriot" and some people I don't know
looking at pictures on facebook. Then I went down to the theater to
see "The Dark Knight" eating dinner along the way. I won't spoil the
movie, but it really shows that being good isn't cheap. I had a talk
with God about the cost of being a disciple. I suppose if I were to
give an answer, it would be yes. Not enthusiastic, but sure.

In brighter news, the Russia team should be back in the country by the
weekend and the Africa trip will be off. I am praying for both. Please
pray for them too.

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