Saturday, July 19, 2008

My first night in Chico

Well... I made it.I got up and left Atascadero a little after nine. We got into Pleasanton a little after noon, ate lunch and unpacked the van, and I left at about 3pm to Chico. I arrived at 6, ate dinner at Wendy's and went to see "Honk". It's a musical some of my friends are in. It was nice visiting with them for a short short time until they ran off to a cast party. (It was closing night.) The play was great. It was an adaptation of "The Ugly Duckling." My friends played the parts of Ugly, The Fowl Reporter, and a Goose. It was a moving musical that would have brought tears to my eyes if I had any... eyes, that is...

But then comes the fun part. I finally get ahold of Scott, who I'm staying with tonight, and he's at a friend's house. He tells me that he will call me back in an hour. So I find a shopping plaza and wander around for a while. Then he calls and says that I should just go over to his place. His roommate will be there, but probably asleep and he'll leave the door unlocked. He won't be back until 10 or 11. He told me the number, but I remembered it wrong and ended up knocking on the wrong door. Three wrong doors. I think I found it... I guess it's possible that I'm not in the right apartment complex... I think I am..., but I'm not sure. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer so I left a message. I am typing this while sitting on the grass near the parking lot waiting for him to call back/come home. It's only a little past 10. I'll try calling him again in a little bit. I found an internet connection so maybe I'll try and get some work done. I'll try and write again tomorrow.

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