Sunday, July 27, 2008

A visit to Pleasanton

Sunday School this morning was fun. We did Zephaniah. I read it before, but I didn't remember it. It's a small three chapter book. The curriculum I was given didn't make a whole lot of sense. I found out after class that I only got every other page. I figured out a lesson and had a couple of helpers assigned to me. We talked about the divided kingdom and how the north did bad and was captured and the south saw it, and King Josiah decided to do good. I showed them Deuteronomy 30:19 and asked if they would choose good or bad, and they said they would choose good. We played Simon Says and did a wordsearch and played a game where we had to throw hackysacks into rolls of tape. I told them that doing good all the time is as hard as making it in the tape.

Then I drove to my parents. I hit some traffic blotches, but it didn't take too long. My mom made trout and it was good. I replaced the mailbox, searched the loft in the attic for some pictures my dad wanted, and troubleshooted my mom's printer. My dog missed me, and I missed her too. She sits at the bottom of the stairs when I go up and follows me around at whatever I'm doing. I'll bring her back to Chico with me on Tuesday. The Jeep that I am supposed to be borrowing doesn't seem a lot bigger than the car I'm currently driving. We'll see how many boxes I can pack in it on Tuesday. Thanks for the prayers.

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cas andersen said...

jeeps are sweet.

i like the part about you getting everyother page....that is amazing