Friday, August 01, 2008

Snaps is here!!!

I spent the last couple of days setting up my room. I've been moving boxes, unpacking boxes, buying and building furniture and all that. All I have left to figure out in there is a bed... well... almost... I still have a lot to do. But the good news is that I drove to Pleasanton and back today to give the van back to my parents and pick up my car (Malchus) and my dog (Snaps). I'm still house sitting, so she is playing with their dog (Jack).

Traffic was horrible. If I was a complainer, I would go longer than this sentence, but I just wanted to let you all know that it was a trial of patience... since I was trying to get back in time for a Men's Fellowship Dinner that I had already paid for. I was an hour late, and I missed most of the hangout and eat time, but I got food and I heard the message, which was good. 2 Timothy 2, if anyone is interested. Now I didn't bring my powercord and my computer battery is getting low, so this will be short and only mildly interesting tonight... but I'll tell you something funny. My dad complained about some chocolates that ate last night while we were at lunch today and my brother said that those chocolates expired in February. We all laughed. Even you, who wasn't there.


Sandra Burson said...

Chocolate is NEVER bad...
It may turn white, and get kind of crusty, but never will it be bad...unless it was milk chocolate :)

Jonathan Dow said...

It was some kind of healthy type of engineered chocolate Frankenstein thing