Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm going to SLO!!!

I'll be traveling down to SLO for the weekend for a wedding. If you are reading this, and live there, (or close) here are the lunch plans.

Saturday, Nov. 1st - Firestones at 11am
Sunday, Nov. 2nd - Round Table in Morro Bay after 3rd Service at Shoreline Calvary Chapel (About 2pm)

Hope to see people there... well... people I know.

That is all. You may commence with your lives now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Babysitting for the Spencers

I ended up babysitting tonight so my friends can have a night out without the five kids. I had other plans, but they weren't that important. I pushed one to Thursday and the other happens every week. This way, I get to be a blessing and I get to hang out with kids. I think I would rather hang out with kids than anyone else. (I don't currently have a wife or girlfriend, which may change my mind I get one. But if I get one (wife) then I can have my own kids to hang out with all of the time instead of borrowing kids to play with like I have to do now.) So I came over here at about 6 and they fed me dinner. Tuna Casserole and Peas. The youngest one had problems focusing on eating so I challenged him to a race. Now I am the slowest eater on the planet, but as the tortoise beat the hare, I beat Timothy... even though I warned him plenty of times that he took too many breaks. He did eat everything on his plate and followed that with a scoop of Ice Cream. I quizzed the other boys on Math problems during ice cream and they played 3-D memory until I told them that bed was happening in ten minutes. Then they decided to draw and/or color. The older boys did dishes and homework on the computer in the form of a fun math game where you beat ugly ogres by answering math problems. That's good to know in case you come across ogres in real life. Just shout out the answer to the math problem that appears on their chests. Just make sure you get it right before time runs out.

The younger ones had a bed time of 8, so at 7:15, they started getting ready by putting their stuff away, changing into their pajamas, (which was mildly interrupted by a short stint of streaking) and brushing their teeth. They were allowed to read for the remaining time until 8. I prayed with them and told them Bible Stories and left them to fall asleep on their own, which they did with only one minor incident. One of them got up to go to the bathroom and the other was too afraid to be in the room all by himself... but this actually happened at the reading time, so it doesn't really count.

I learned how to play Othello and I won my first and only game. (I don't attribute it to skill) I played many games of Uno and lost most of them, but I don't mind losing those types of games. I had a good talk with the oldest one and I love good talks. We were talking about applying God's wisdom to certain areas of our lives and I love talking about God. I will continue to pray for him to trust God and believe God and do what He says. Notice how I am not praying that he understands God. I don't believe we need to understand Him. (even if we could) All we need is to Trust Him, Beleive Him, and do what He says. Questioning His logic is a sign of mistrust, as if you are only going to obey only if you are convinced that it's the best instead of trusting that it's the best because it comes from Him. If that was confusing, too bad. You'll have to figure it out on your own because I'm ending this blog post.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nothing worth reading. I don't know why I wrote it.

What's funny is there are spurts in my life when I am having a good time living life, bu there doesn't seem to be anything that I feel like I should document. I did get to sub for a 5th grade class on Thursday and Friday and it was great. I got to actually teach instead of play videos or act like a babysitter. We did science and math and spelling and p.e. and SSR and everything. I invented a game that I thought would be fun, but was thwarted when they didn't want to hold hands. Getting 10 year olds to hold hands for a game is more difficult than I thought. Friday night, after the High School Youth group, I got to take one of the kids out for a good talk and some Taco Bell. I really enjoy it when I get those one on one conversations. I went to Children's Ministry Bootcamp. It wasn't very exciting because there were no kids there. We learned how to recognize if a child is being abused and where the emergency exits are and all sorts of stuff that you don't really care to discuss, but is rather important if it comes up outside of the boot camp. I did get to play hackysack so that was fun. Then I helped clean up, visited costco for lunch and came home and took a nap. My roommate came home with some friends and I hung out with them for a little before I went to church to teach on Paul being humbled by the thorn in his flesh (2 Corinthians 12) so I brought a cane. Sunday morning, I subbed for a teacher and taught on Joseph running away to Egypt with Baby Jesus so Herod wouldn't kill him. That was a fun class too. So I realize that this isn't interesting. I just started rambling, but I'll at least let you in on the current dilemma in my head.

I enjoyed teaching the 5th grade class so much that 'I've been milling around in my head the possiblity of going for my credential and becoming a regular elementary school teacher. Here is what is stopping me. If I go back, it's going to cost money I don't have. I would have to borrow it from somewhere, which means that when I finally get my credential, I will have to find a job right away to pay back my loan. That might mean that I have to move somewhere else to find the job and I don't want to do that because I know God told me to move to Chico and I plan on being here until He tells me to go somewhere else. Now it's possible that He could tell me to go somewhere else once I get my credential, but I don't want to go into debt without knowing I'm following the plan He has laid out for me. I want to fulfill the reason I moved to Chico before I even think about leaving. I don't know what that reason is, but I'm sure I'll recognize it once I see it... or maybe once I past it. Anyway, that's my thought of the week. On Friday (Hallowween) I'm driving down to SLO to see some friends get married (on Sat) and it will be lots of fun. If you know me, and live in SLO, and didn't know I was coming down... SURPRISE!!! If you don't meet any of the requirements, then... ummm... unsurprise. I should probably stop now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I got locked out of my dream

I realized this morning as I was giving Mark a ride to Butte College that if I wake up in the morning and think about the dream I had, even just a little, I can remember the whole thing as if it really happened. (Like a regular memory) If I get distracted and focus on getting out of bed, like I did this morning, then I forget what I dreamed about completely. It's like when I wake up in the morning, I walk outside the door, which swings back and closes on itself, and if I remember to turn and catch it, I can go back in and remember what is in there. If I don't catch it and it closes, the dream is locked in there forever... until I can figure out how to unlock the door. There must be a way, but finding the way might be way more of a process than the dream is worth. On the reality side of the coin, I was a PE teacher today and was reminded of the sarcastically wonderful smell of the boys locker room. Woohoo!!! Although it's the easiest subject to sub, it's not my favorite for just that reason... and also the other teachers do all the teaching, you just walk around and tell kids to listen, which isn't as fun as being in charge and instructing. In a classroom, I get to do something, and that's usually better than doing nothing... especially doing nothing and having to smell the boys locker room between classes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

ME Guest and i'm writing whatever come to mind.

Hi, I'm Mark Bohn. I guest writing for Jonathan. Hmmmm....... I'm not sure what to write. Well I'm staying the night at Jonathan's house tonight, mmm.... Today he hosted a party from 5:00-??? and most people left arounds 8:30. We played football outside, talked about whatever and had a rather large and loud game of jeopardy, which was pretty awesome. After everyone was gone, Jonathan and I watched the "drunken Master" Starring Jakie Chan. i also made a drink colster out of popsicle sticks and glue. After the movie ended we played with snaps, trying to trick her, But.... she was just a little too smart for us. And now I'm guest writing on Jonathan's blog. hmm... i feel like eating some right back....mmmhhhmmm....tasty!!! Wednesday is church... that will be sweet. i always look forward to church, Dave Thorwaltson is teaching through Romans right now and so far for the past couple of weeks the things he's been teaching on stuff that totally relates to me and my life. Soo..... i can't wait to see what the Lord reveals to me next through Dave.
By the way For those of you reading this that go to Calvary Chapel Chico... I'm a senior in High School and Don't attend the main service yet. Yup, Just to clear up any misunderstandings, Pastor Sam is still teaching the main service. I have butte classes tomorrow, that should be fun and then worship practice, and then a leaders meeting..... Yummmm.... fritos.... oh??? snaps is alseep, crazy dog, must of ran her out of energy earlier. Snore!!!!!, Actually she's not snoring thats what My dog does, she snores louder than something thats pretty loud, (all of the cliches' coming to mind seemed weird and cheap.)Shes a neopolitan Mastiff... A big dog with a wrinkly face and she drools when its hot out. Shes probably just about the oposite of snaps in energy level but she gets along with other dogs really well and loves people (after she gets used to them) to the point that she thinks shes a lap dog and wants to follow you whervever you go. her nick name is giantbaby,but don't let that fool you, she's one of the most devious dogs I've ever owed or seen, she sleeps on the couch, knowing she's not supposed to, only when you're not around. She can open all of the doors in our house, except one, witch is a nob (all the others are handles) So if we leave outside and don't lock the doors she'll open them and come in. She used to steel the freshly baked bread my mom made off the stove if we weren't around. She's still learning the rules. But i still love her and enjoy haveing her around.By the way, i live in Forest Ranch on eight acres of land with my parents so my dog has a lot of space to roam on. Well enough about my life and dog... Jonathans reading a book hmmm..... its title is...... hold on a second... "Blue like Jazz" It's not about music, like i thought, but about how the main character comes to christ. Sounds interseting. That reminds me.. I'm reading "Do Hard Things" It a very interesting book about how our generation is kinda of expected to be lazy during our late high school and early college years, and how we not only as christians but as younger people should step up to the challenge and what God has for us by doing the hard things that others won't do. Well i think i'm going to end my guest bloging now and go read that book........Mhhhhhmmm......Fritos!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Me not feel good

I've been sick all weekend. ick... I had a sore throat on Friday, woke up with an adjoining headache on Saturday, then I got a lot of prayer and a little medicine and today, I have a runny nose, sneezes, and a cough, but feel much better. I was going to take a picture up my nose and post it, but I didn't feel like doing that much work. I've been sleeping a lot. Anyway, you're probably glad you read this post, arentcha? I updated the links on the side to my friend's blogs. If you like drawings and paintings, check out Cas's. If you like photography, check out Mike Larson's, and for graphics and design, my brother Matt's blogs. Have a great week.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Never mind about Morro Bay

I don't think I will finish writing that post. It was a fun weekend. I enjoyed myself... the details are lost to time... I thought of an idea for a car design today from Apple. It's called the iCar. It comes in white and it's electric. You can get one with a longer battery fro $1000 more and that comes in black too. The silver hybrid model is called the iCar Pro. I'm also thinking about a personal mobile space called the drivePod. Perhaps I will get a chance later to come up with specs. For now, I must devote my thoughts towards my party on Monday. If you want to come, fill out this form:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Morro Bay... almost

Last Friday, I got up really early and sat in a pickup truck for about seven hours on my way from Chico to Morro Bay. We actually went to San Luis Obispo because Cas of ran a half marathon... you can wait until she writes about that part. Anyway, since we both moved to Chico from the same place, we decided to share the gas and go down together. I had left a message with Josh Busron of to see if he wanted to grab lunch. He never returned my call. I met up with Josh Thompson (who doesn't keep a blog) and we went to Cool Cat's Cafe. Along the way, we met Josh Burson who saw me and said that he didn't know I was in town. Then he said that he had a message and didn't... you know what. This story was a lot funnier then. I guess I'm just not in the mood to put effort into this writing. I'm actualy kinda tired. It's almost 1:30 in the morning and I guess I should get to bed. I had church tonight which usually follows soccer or something else sporty so I guess I'm wiped out. I also am driving to Sacramento tomorrow morning. I'll try posting about Morro Bay again later. Goodnight.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Baptism of Jesus

So my Pastor was teaching out of Revelation this morning, but he mentioned John the Baptist (only as an example of a man being called an angel because he was a messenger, not a cherub.) and that name instantly brought to my mind the scene of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus, not as the Bible describes it, (not against it either) but as a memory, like I was looking back at something that happened in my life, and the whole thing unfolded in my mind in an instant, and I thought it might be best portrayed as a one man play, acting as John the Baptist... I don't know, but let me describe what I saw:

John is walking out of the Jordan with a man he just baptized. John, in his camel-hair and leather belt was a man of girth that could withstand the cold waters of the Jordan without much of a problem, but the man, skinny and shivering in his linen garments, (maybe an ephod or a tunic? I'm not up to date on my Biblical Fashions.) hugged himself as he came out of the water to rejoin his friends and endure the criticizing and scrutinizing gaze of the observing Pharisee's. John starts talking to the crowd. "Repent and be Baptized! For the Messiah is coming! Repent of your sins!" He can feel the cold stare of the Pharisees, but ignores it as best he can.

Then Jesus walks out of the crowd towards John. "Jesus!" John exclaimes, and greets his cousin with a hug and a kiss. "I haven't seen you in ages."

"You have been living in the wilderness." Jesus smiles.

John laughs, "I guess I have."

"I want you to baptize me." Jesus continues to smile.

John laughs again. "Me baptize you? It should be you that baptizes me."

"But it must be this way, John, so that the scriptures may be fulfilled."

John is puzzled, but consents. As they wade into the river, John makes small talk about the Pharisee's asking the same questions over and over again. "Are you Elijah? Are you the Christ? Are they not teachers of the law? They will know Him when they see Him."

Jesus says nothing.

They stop waist deep, and turn to face the crowd as was John's custom. He whispers to Jesus, "I'm not sure what to say. What have you to repent of?"

Jesus simply says, "Immerse me."

John puts his large hand on Jesus' back and on his Chest and lowers him into the snow fed water. Upon surfacing, the clouds above part, and a light shines on Jesus. The Holy Spirit flies down the beam of light in the form of a dove and dissolves into Jesus' chest. John hears the voice, "This is my Son, in whom I'm pleased."

A thousand thoughts raced through John's head. "Of course! How could I have missed it. The way He lived, the way He acted, the things He said. How could Jesus not have been the Messiah" John takes a step back in awe of this revelation and being jolted back into the present by crowd on shore, he sstutters once, and stregnthens himself and proclaims loudly, "Behold, the Lamb of God."

Jesus, smiles at John, gives him a hug, and wades across the Jordan to the wilderness, leaving John baffled and bedazzled in the river. John continued to baptize, but not that day. The rest of that day, he walked to a secret place and laid out all his thoughts and memories before him, realigning each and every one to this new knowledge of his cousin Jesus, being the Savior whose way he was preparing.

So don't build doctrine out of this. It's my vision, which I believe I received from the Lord to renew the majesty of Jesus in my life. To invoke the emotions that I've become so good at living without. (Not that I am or will be subject to them, but that they will enhance my walk with Jesus unlike any way my mind could conjur.) This was for me. I cherish it. And I wanted to share it with you in the chance that God may speak to you through it. But I feel as if I have experienced this moment now, not just read it or thought about it. It is mine, just as God is mine. I don't control Him, but He is the one I run to and claim as my Abba Father. If I can encourage you to do one thing tonight, or today, or whenever you are reading this, it would be to take what you know to be true, and consider them in your heart. These aren't just stories that we are reading. This is history that has bearing on today. It will never fade away. We will know of these moments throughout eternity, because His word will last forever.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Hard Rock Candy Mountain

So I was reading a fake book about Hard Rock Candy Mountain. It wasn't really about it, but about a made up version of a song that merely resembles the Hard Rock Candy Mountain song. It's not a very good book, and I'm almost done with it... stupid long appendixes.

Anyway, it got me thinking that if I ever made an RPG game, I would have wanderers all throughout the game searching for the Mystical Hard Rock Candy Mountain, which would be like a kind of Willy Wonka Factory, where everything is edible... and candy. Here would be the back story for the wanderers (which would just be a minor subplot or even side plot in the game)

You: Why hello there good citizen of . I'm talking to you, but seemingly asking no question or doing anything to illicit information from you other than pressing the buton 't' on my keyboard. Yet, people always share their infomration with me anyways, as if I cared.
Wanderer: I'm looking for the Hard Rock Candy Mountain, have you seen it?
You: No I havne't. Is it near ?
Wanderer: I don't know where it is. If I did, I wouldn't have asked, would I?
You: Well.. no, I suppose not... I didn't think of that...
Wanderer: And if you had been there, you wouldn't have wanted to leave, so therefore, you wouldn't have met me on this road.
You: Why wouldn't I have wanted to leave? Are there unlimited amounts of dragons there for me to tame, ogs to kill, princesses to rescue, and towns wehre I can trade my wares?
Wanderer: No, there's just candy.
You: Candy?
Wanderer: Lots and lots of candy!!! Everything is made up of candy!!!! You can eat everything!!!!! Trees, dirt, rivers, rocks, houses, grass, bushes, everything!!!!!!
You: I see... ::You hand him a hankercheif to wipe the drool away:: and I wouldn't want to leave becasue I would be...
Wanderer: EATING CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You: So no one has ever left?
Wanderer: Why would anyone want to?
You: Well, I'm just wondering how you knew about it if no one ever left.
Wanderer: I heard from this other wanderer when I was a kid. He came through my town and told me about it. I wanted to go, but my mom wouldn't let me. She called it a foolish fantasy, but I showed her. I left anyways.
You: But you haven't found it yet.
Wanderer: I wouldn't be talking to you if I had.
You: So you didn't really show her anything. In fact, you did the opposite of showing her anything by disappearing.
Wanderer: What's your point?
You: How do you know that the other wanderer wasn't lying?
Wanderer: He has been looking for it since he was a kid too. He listed off a bunch of places where he had looked and it wasn't. I memorized them and I looked in these places and it's not there either.
You: Can't you just look on a map?
Wanderer: My map doesn't get filled in unless I've been there.
You: Neither does mine... how does it know?
Wanderer: So now I'm off in this direction, but since you didn't see it, I guess I should go adifferent way.
You: But I still don't understand how you know the other wanderer wasn't lying. Or, if he was telling what he thought was the truth, that he wasn't lied too by another wanderer. If no one ever leaves, then how does anyone who isn't there know about it?
Wanderer: Well, that's the reason this one guy Throthendore left. He decided that other people should know about it too and went to tell the world.
You: What happened to him?
Wanderer: No one believed him becasue he had lost all his teeth, but that just proves that it's real! and as the information was passed around, the directions got kinda muddled.
You: There are directions?
Wanderer: Well... kinda...
To Get to Hard Rock Candy Mountain
Go east until you hit a fork
When you come to some foothills
Go up unless you're a dork
At the top of the foothills,
you'll see three tall peaks
Climb to the top of the highest one
And unless your eyes are weak
Gaze to the north, south, east and west
And search the horizon your very best
The frosting capped peak is the wain
To the Hard ROck Candy Mountain
You: The end doesn't rhyme
Wanderer: He's a toothless old man, not Shakespeare.
You: So you have the directions.
Wanderer: But not where to start, or which way to go when I hit the fork
You: Sounds like a cunumdrum
Wanderer: Tis my life
You: So what if you get there and everyone else who got there before you eats it all?
Wanderer: Don't be silly, you can't eat a whole mountain.
You: How much can you eat?
Wanderer: I... I... I should get going. Do you want to help me look?
You: No. I think that a mountain made out of candy is a stupid idea and only idiots will believe it, and I have better things to do like kill creatures roaming the woods and plundering their quickly decaying carcusses for gold, armour, and swords so I can tell all my friends that I have cooler stuff then they do and they will be jealous of me, even though I spend hours and hours of my day doing nothing that will profit me in life.
Wanderer: Well... where are you going?
You: I am headed to
Wanderer: Cool, I'll go with you.
You: Fine, do you know how to equip and use a sword?
Wanderer: Doesn't everyone?
You: You'd be surprised.

And sometime in your quest, you would run across the old toothless wanderer who admitted it as a lie to try and start his own religion, but then even later in your quest, you will find the real hard Rock Candy Mountain, which just happens to exist just as described, but it is tortureous. Everyone there is old, feeble, and toothless, licking everything trying to get high on suger, but it no longer works. The ones who get too tired to lick anymore die from sugar withdrawals and a don't do drugs screen flashes up for merely a second. The Wanderer who is your companion wants to partake, but by now, you like him and try to hold him back, calling him Gary instead of wanderer since that is his name. Once convinced that the Hard Rock Candy Mountain will never satisfy, he joins your quest as a changed man, also looking for cool armor and weapons. The two of you travel back to the toothless old man to reveal the truth behind the Hard Rock Candy Mountain and give him directions so he can see for himself. Even later in your quest, you run across him again, and he is going around gathering kids and building himself a cult army and you and Gary have to stop him before he takes over the world on the promise of candy.

You know how you get an idea in your head and you just have to follow it until it runs it's course and you never think of it again?

Well... I'm done now

Blanket and a Car Wash from God

I finally bought a blanket that is large enough to cover my bed! I know this seems silly to you, but it is a marking stone in my climb back from almost poverty. Between moving to Chico and buying furniture and paying people for lots of things so I can be a substitute teacher (fingerprints, CBEST testing (which I passed), more fingerprints, TB testing (which I failed), and the cost for the paperwork to go through (legalized and regulated bribing). I've had to prioritize my life. Rent -> food -> gas. I found a great cheap place to rent that allows my dog and I've been eating in a lot. Noodles and rice and sometimes Chicken (although now I can afford meat everyday.) and I took advantage of church get togethers with potlucks and free food nights. God has taken care of me. I haven't had to ask for food or skip a meal. I haven't had to ask for money to get by day to day. I was blessed with a road trip up north to Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, paying my way through the trip by taking turns driving. I went and visited my parents (who filled up my gas tank for the trip back) and I have been riding a bike and a long board (not at the same time) around more. Buying a blanket isn't a huge deal, but it's one of those things I have been wanting to do ever since I got my hands on a full sized matteress. My Twin blanket didn't cover it anymore. The mattress is still on the floor, but I won't worry about that right now.

Also, God washed my car today. It drizzled and I went to Wal-Mart. While I was in there buying the blanket, the rain must have come down hard, because when I came back, there was a line of dirt around my car and my car was green again! Thanks God.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Blog has a new address

I am giving my blog the new address of because I figured out how to do it. If you please, change your bookmark to that new address because it's cooler than although not by much.

I know I haven't written lately, but I haven't thought my life exciting as of late. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. I'm teaching on Saturday nights and I jump in Sunday mornings when needed. I hang out with the high schoolers on Wednesdays and Fridays.. I just started tutoring and I'm trying to figure out how to get more clients. If you know of anyone who needs a tutor, I'm available. Anyway, I'm up way too late. Goodnight.