Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Babysitting for the Spencers

I ended up babysitting tonight so my friends can have a night out without the five kids. I had other plans, but they weren't that important. I pushed one to Thursday and the other happens every week. This way, I get to be a blessing and I get to hang out with kids. I think I would rather hang out with kids than anyone else. (I don't currently have a wife or girlfriend, which may change my mind I get one. But if I get one (wife) then I can have my own kids to hang out with all of the time instead of borrowing kids to play with like I have to do now.) So I came over here at about 6 and they fed me dinner. Tuna Casserole and Peas. The youngest one had problems focusing on eating so I challenged him to a race. Now I am the slowest eater on the planet, but as the tortoise beat the hare, I beat Timothy... even though I warned him plenty of times that he took too many breaks. He did eat everything on his plate and followed that with a scoop of Ice Cream. I quizzed the other boys on Math problems during ice cream and they played 3-D memory until I told them that bed was happening in ten minutes. Then they decided to draw and/or color. The older boys did dishes and homework on the computer in the form of a fun math game where you beat ugly ogres by answering math problems. That's good to know in case you come across ogres in real life. Just shout out the answer to the math problem that appears on their chests. Just make sure you get it right before time runs out.

The younger ones had a bed time of 8, so at 7:15, they started getting ready by putting their stuff away, changing into their pajamas, (which was mildly interrupted by a short stint of streaking) and brushing their teeth. They were allowed to read for the remaining time until 8. I prayed with them and told them Bible Stories and left them to fall asleep on their own, which they did with only one minor incident. One of them got up to go to the bathroom and the other was too afraid to be in the room all by himself... but this actually happened at the reading time, so it doesn't really count.

I learned how to play Othello and I won my first and only game. (I don't attribute it to skill) I played many games of Uno and lost most of them, but I don't mind losing those types of games. I had a good talk with the oldest one and I love good talks. We were talking about applying God's wisdom to certain areas of our lives and I love talking about God. I will continue to pray for him to trust God and believe God and do what He says. Notice how I am not praying that he understands God. I don't believe we need to understand Him. (even if we could) All we need is to Trust Him, Beleive Him, and do what He says. Questioning His logic is a sign of mistrust, as if you are only going to obey only if you are convinced that it's the best instead of trusting that it's the best because it comes from Him. If that was confusing, too bad. You'll have to figure it out on your own because I'm ending this blog post.

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