Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I got locked out of my dream

I realized this morning as I was giving Mark a ride to Butte College that if I wake up in the morning and think about the dream I had, even just a little, I can remember the whole thing as if it really happened. (Like a regular memory) If I get distracted and focus on getting out of bed, like I did this morning, then I forget what I dreamed about completely. It's like when I wake up in the morning, I walk outside the door, which swings back and closes on itself, and if I remember to turn and catch it, I can go back in and remember what is in there. If I don't catch it and it closes, the dream is locked in there forever... until I can figure out how to unlock the door. There must be a way, but finding the way might be way more of a process than the dream is worth. On the reality side of the coin, I was a PE teacher today and was reminded of the sarcastically wonderful smell of the boys locker room. Woohoo!!! Although it's the easiest subject to sub, it's not my favorite for just that reason... and also the other teachers do all the teaching, you just walk around and tell kids to listen, which isn't as fun as being in charge and instructing. In a classroom, I get to do something, and that's usually better than doing nothing... especially doing nothing and having to smell the boys locker room between classes.

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mynameiscas said...

boys are stinky