Monday, October 20, 2008

ME Guest and i'm writing whatever come to mind.

Hi, I'm Mark Bohn. I guest writing for Jonathan. Hmmmm....... I'm not sure what to write. Well I'm staying the night at Jonathan's house tonight, mmm.... Today he hosted a party from 5:00-??? and most people left arounds 8:30. We played football outside, talked about whatever and had a rather large and loud game of jeopardy, which was pretty awesome. After everyone was gone, Jonathan and I watched the "drunken Master" Starring Jakie Chan. i also made a drink colster out of popsicle sticks and glue. After the movie ended we played with snaps, trying to trick her, But.... she was just a little too smart for us. And now I'm guest writing on Jonathan's blog. hmm... i feel like eating some right back....mmmhhhmmm....tasty!!! Wednesday is church... that will be sweet. i always look forward to church, Dave Thorwaltson is teaching through Romans right now and so far for the past couple of weeks the things he's been teaching on stuff that totally relates to me and my life. Soo..... i can't wait to see what the Lord reveals to me next through Dave.
By the way For those of you reading this that go to Calvary Chapel Chico... I'm a senior in High School and Don't attend the main service yet. Yup, Just to clear up any misunderstandings, Pastor Sam is still teaching the main service. I have butte classes tomorrow, that should be fun and then worship practice, and then a leaders meeting..... Yummmm.... fritos.... oh??? snaps is alseep, crazy dog, must of ran her out of energy earlier. Snore!!!!!, Actually she's not snoring thats what My dog does, she snores louder than something thats pretty loud, (all of the cliches' coming to mind seemed weird and cheap.)Shes a neopolitan Mastiff... A big dog with a wrinkly face and she drools when its hot out. Shes probably just about the oposite of snaps in energy level but she gets along with other dogs really well and loves people (after she gets used to them) to the point that she thinks shes a lap dog and wants to follow you whervever you go. her nick name is giantbaby,but don't let that fool you, she's one of the most devious dogs I've ever owed or seen, she sleeps on the couch, knowing she's not supposed to, only when you're not around. She can open all of the doors in our house, except one, witch is a nob (all the others are handles) So if we leave outside and don't lock the doors she'll open them and come in. She used to steel the freshly baked bread my mom made off the stove if we weren't around. She's still learning the rules. But i still love her and enjoy haveing her around.By the way, i live in Forest Ranch on eight acres of land with my parents so my dog has a lot of space to roam on. Well enough about my life and dog... Jonathans reading a book hmmm..... its title is...... hold on a second... "Blue like Jazz" It's not about music, like i thought, but about how the main character comes to christ. Sounds interseting. That reminds me.. I'm reading "Do Hard Things" It a very interesting book about how our generation is kinda of expected to be lazy during our late high school and early college years, and how we not only as christians but as younger people should step up to the challenge and what God has for us by doing the hard things that others won't do. Well i think i'm going to end my guest bloging now and go read that book........Mhhhhhmmm......Fritos!!!!!!!!

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