Monday, October 27, 2008

Nothing worth reading. I don't know why I wrote it.

What's funny is there are spurts in my life when I am having a good time living life, bu there doesn't seem to be anything that I feel like I should document. I did get to sub for a 5th grade class on Thursday and Friday and it was great. I got to actually teach instead of play videos or act like a babysitter. We did science and math and spelling and p.e. and SSR and everything. I invented a game that I thought would be fun, but was thwarted when they didn't want to hold hands. Getting 10 year olds to hold hands for a game is more difficult than I thought. Friday night, after the High School Youth group, I got to take one of the kids out for a good talk and some Taco Bell. I really enjoy it when I get those one on one conversations. I went to Children's Ministry Bootcamp. It wasn't very exciting because there were no kids there. We learned how to recognize if a child is being abused and where the emergency exits are and all sorts of stuff that you don't really care to discuss, but is rather important if it comes up outside of the boot camp. I did get to play hackysack so that was fun. Then I helped clean up, visited costco for lunch and came home and took a nap. My roommate came home with some friends and I hung out with them for a little before I went to church to teach on Paul being humbled by the thorn in his flesh (2 Corinthians 12) so I brought a cane. Sunday morning, I subbed for a teacher and taught on Joseph running away to Egypt with Baby Jesus so Herod wouldn't kill him. That was a fun class too. So I realize that this isn't interesting. I just started rambling, but I'll at least let you in on the current dilemma in my head.

I enjoyed teaching the 5th grade class so much that 'I've been milling around in my head the possiblity of going for my credential and becoming a regular elementary school teacher. Here is what is stopping me. If I go back, it's going to cost money I don't have. I would have to borrow it from somewhere, which means that when I finally get my credential, I will have to find a job right away to pay back my loan. That might mean that I have to move somewhere else to find the job and I don't want to do that because I know God told me to move to Chico and I plan on being here until He tells me to go somewhere else. Now it's possible that He could tell me to go somewhere else once I get my credential, but I don't want to go into debt without knowing I'm following the plan He has laid out for me. I want to fulfill the reason I moved to Chico before I even think about leaving. I don't know what that reason is, but I'm sure I'll recognize it once I see it... or maybe once I past it. Anyway, that's my thought of the week. On Friday (Hallowween) I'm driving down to SLO to see some friends get married (on Sat) and it will be lots of fun. If you know me, and live in SLO, and didn't know I was coming down... SURPRISE!!! If you don't meet any of the requirements, then... ummm... unsurprise. I should probably stop now.


Sandra Burson said...

You are such a good blog commenter, by the way. We are excited to see you this weekend! Have a very unboring drive down here! See you soon!

J said...

Recognize the reason (at least one of them) for moving to Chico? hint, hint...her name starts with Ashley! Kinda fun looking back through these!