Saturday, November 08, 2008

On arguing with your parents

Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. They’ll argue back. They have to. They wouldn’t be good parents if they just let you did whatever you felt like all the time. They have to constantly point you back to the line between good and bad and tell you that you’re too close. You think you can handle it. You’ll get close, but won’t cross over. They don’t believe you. That’s okay. Listen to them. Submit to them. Submitting doesn’t mean anything when you agree. When you disagree and still do what you’re told, that’s submission. They just want to keep you safe. They see danger or even the temptation of danger and they want to keep you away from it. They love you. They always will. If they didn’t love you, they’d let you do it. You are being selfish when you argue. You are telling them that you don’t respect their judgement and yelling at them hurts them. Even if they are being unfair, don’t argue. Jesus died for your sins. That wasn’t fair. He shouldn’t have to do that. If He can take that unfairness, you can take a little from my parents. So you don’t get to go hang out with your friends or see that movie. Your friends understand that you want to be a good child. If they don’t, then they aren’t good enough to be your friends. you don’t want selfish friends. You want selfless friends. A selfless friend always gets taken advantage when he is friends with a selfish person. Parents can see this and they tell you who you should and shouldn’t be friends with. You should listen to them. They aren’t trying to hurt you. They aren’t trying to ruin your reputation. They aren’t trying to make you uncool. They are trying to teach you what really matters. To reach out to befriend the friendless and not care what selfish people think. They are only trying to take advantage of you anyway. You shouldn’t argue with my parents about anything. You should just submit. You can still disagree, but you should voice your disagreement calmly and lovingly. You should let your parents understand why you disagree and that you intend to do what they tell you anyways. It is enough for you that they hear your point of view. Arguing with your parents breaks the fifth commandment and it goes against Ephesians 6. It’s a sin. Don’t do it. You’re trying to be good, remember?


Rogers Camp said...

interesting post! Were you speaking generally, or more specifically? Anyway, how come I'm not on your friends blog list? Am I not a friend? Is my blog really that lame? Aw, come on, it usually has really cute pictures of Eli on it:) Just kiddin' with ya!

Anonymous said...

What if parents are wrong?

Jonathan Dow said...

If your parents are telling you to sin, then you do what God says instead. If they just make a decision that you disagree with, they you should obey your parents. Disobeying them is disobeying God. Read Ephesians 6:1. Don't argue with them, they are in charge. You are not. Arguing is like saying that you don't think they are good enough to be your parents. No child can humbly argue with her parents. If you disagree, you can voice that disagreement, but you must do it with respect and as a servant. Paul says that until a child is of age, he is like a slave. Act like one. Your parents are your masters with your best interest in mind. And when you talk to them, keep it in mind that you don't know everything, and maybe your parents know something you don't. Arguing with parents is sin against God. Don't do it.