Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So I have a new job

God has proven Himself faithful again. I didn't have any doubt this time, but He proved Himself anyway. I am now the newest employee at Calvary Chapel Chico. I went to my first Staff Meeting today and was introduced as a replacement for Michelle, who wrote a two page statement on why she was leaving (going to school in Tennessee) and how much she would miss everyone (very much) and how God told her to go. (You can ask her.)

When God told me to come up here, I left everything. I slept on a couch for a week. I've juggled finances down to under $5. I lived on noodles and rice for a little while. But through the trial, God has provided a place to live that's cheap, comfortable, and allows Snaps free reign of the place. I became a Substitute teacher and can afford to eat more and nicer foods... like meat. I have even been able to feed a few other people here and there.

Now all of that is good, but what I consider great is what He has provided for me at Calvary Chapel Chico. I have been able to get involved with Church as a helper and a teacher in Children's Ministry and a leader in the High School Ministry and it has been a great place to use the gifts God has given me. But when I came up here, I came up here with the idea of doing ministry all the time. I was tired of waiting until 5:00 to serve God. So when I came up here, I told everyone that I wanted to be in full time ministry and I would like to work at church. They told me that there weren't any openings, but they didn't know that Michelle had decided to leave. I didn't know either, but God did. He knew and was planning on it the entire time. He had me move up here in time to develop these relationships so that when Michelle told the Pastors, they just knew who they should hire to take her place. I had been serving in those ministries since I moved up here and I was available, but not desparate. I was expecting to keep subbing until God showed me something else, and now He has. It's like a jigsaw puzzle (I'm currently putting one together. I'm almost done with it.) and He just placed another piece of the puzzle that is my story of how cool He is and how I am being made perfect through the patience that comes from the trials I endure because of the faith that I have in Jesus being God who died and rose again so that I could be made perfect. One day, that puzzle will be complete (I hope to finish my puzzle tomorrow or Thursday) and the picture you'll see won't be me, nor will it be my life, but it will be God. By then, He and I will finally be one like Jesus is praying in John 17:21. That will be a glorious day.

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Stacey said...

How cool is our God! Happy to hear you have a job in the place God placed you:)