Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I learn about God from my dog

I come home late sometimes, and my roommate already let Snaps into my room. She sleeps on my bed, and pops her head up when I come in. If my roommate leaves the door open, she'll walk out to me before I get to my room. I play with her for a while and show her she's special (in a PowerPoint Presentation (Just kidding)) and then I go to work on my computer. She sleeps on my bed, but whenever I move, she wakes up and looks at me as if expecting me to tell her something. As soon as I do, she obeys. Then I go back to what I'm doing and she goes to sleep, but she's listening for me to move. So whenever I get up to go to the bathroom, she watches. (She watches me walk into the bathroom... I then close the door) and she wakes up and watches when I get back. I don't expect anything out of her other than she should be my dog and obey me when I speak. (We also worked out hand gestures so I don't have to speak, and she constantly watches for these too.) I should be that watchful and ready for God. I should want to obey Him and be ready anytime I feel Him near. She (possibly the only female on the planet) likes the way I smell and always lies on the bed where I last was. If she's lying on part of my bed, and I sit and read for a while on the other part. If I get up and leave the room, when I get back, she is where I was. If I forget to make the bed when I get up, she gets into the covers. I have made her a bed at the foot of my bed, but she seems to like my bed better, even if her bed is a floor pillow and my bed is a few blankets spread on the floor. I wished I loved God as much as my dog loves me.

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Stacey said...

What a great observation!