Tuesday, March 03, 2009

God's Love is a Shopping Cart

I was in Costco the other day (I was there today too) and I saw a mom tell her son to hold onto the shopping cart. She didn't tell him this because she was having problems controlling the cart, but because he kept getting distracted by all the wonderful things Costco has to offer. I remembered back to going shopping with my mom when I was younger. (Alas, we did not go to Costco, for it did not yet exist) I don't ever remember her telling me to hold onto the shopping cart, but she told me many times to let go. Since we weren't in Costco, and I wasn't the type to get distracted so easily, I could stay out of trouble on my own. Besides, me holding on slowed her down.

So how is the shopping cart like God's love? I think about God quite often and just try to wrap my brain around concepts like God's love and I think that when I'm teaching other people about God, it's like I'm pouring out God's love on them... or at least I think I am. I think rather that God is pouring out His love on them and I'm "helping" by holding onto the shopping cart. In other words, God can pour out His love on His own and He has me there and is using me so that I'm not off somewhere getting myself in trouble. (I do enough of that at home.) So I think I'm helping, but really, I'm just walking along not really doing anything except trying not to get distracted by all the fancy expensive stuff around me.

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mynameiscas said...

lovely analogy