Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bella's Question

I taught church tonight, and this little girl asked me why God created Satan if He knew that Satan was going to be bad. I told her that it was a wonderful question and that I would love to answer it, but she had to get in line to go to her next session and there wasn't enough time. I told her that she should ask her father, who I have a lot of respect for. (Little did I know that a High School asked her father that same question tonight as well.)

After church was over, I was in the lobby talking to people and I saw her playing. Her parent's weren't ready to leave yet so I called her over to talk about her question. Here's what God had me say:

What if someone offered you the best video games if you would leave your parents and live with them? Would you do it?
I don't like video games
Okay... do you like horses?
No. They're beautiful animals, but I don't really like them that much.
What about food? (Her eyes lit up and I think her mouth started watering because she had to close it and swallow.) What if someone said that you could have all the food you wanted if you would just leave your parents and live with them.
But my parent's already let me eat a lot of food.
But what if they let you eat whatever you want? Cookies, cakes, candy...
But then I'll get fat
What if you could eat and never get fat. What would you do? Would you still leave your parents and go live with them?
I would say, "Thank you, but no."
Because I love my parents.
That's how God feels about you. He created Satan and let him do all those bad things. He let himself get beaten and He died on the cross so He could get you. He let people tell Him that they hate Him, and that breaks His heart, because He knows that you are going to choose to love Him and choose to go with Him to Heaven forever. He loves you that much that He went through all that pain just to get you.

The funny thing about this is that I didn't know how to answer that question yesterday. I love how God speaks to me when He speaks through me. Before, I just thought that there must be something, but I just didn't get it. It wasn't until a beautiful little 9 year old stood in front of me that I could see what God was looking forward to. This is why He paid so much. It just makes sense now. Thank you, God.

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Molter Family said...

Good Anwser!

When God created His angels, Lucifer (now known as the "devil", Ezekiel 28:14) he was originally created as one of the angels. And he was not evil at his creation, but he was created to be an Holy Angel of our Holy God.

When God created Lucifer (or now known as Satan which means "Resister") and all the angels He gave them free will, because a loving God wouldn't force them or us to do anything but allow us to choose.

When we rebel we no longer become the creation that God desires, and like how you talked about a relationship between a parent and a child its the same with God.

Also just as God foreordained and foreknew Adam's sin He loves us so much he allows us to make our choice.

You can see that God used it in His plan to redeem mankind, which is you and me.