Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's been a few days... I've been tired. We came up to Scotland on a train (with free wifi) on Tuesday. It took about 4.5 hours. The taxi from the station to our apartment (called a flat) was crazy. He drove fast and stopped fast. He was a Scot, but a little gruff. I tell people that he's a New York Scot. Our rented apartment is nice. Two bedrooms on the ground floor and a kitchen and living room upstairs. The tv (called the tele) is a two remote contraption that my parent's can't turn on. They have to have one of us do it. The problem with the flat is that there are three beds, and six of us. My parent's share one, I get one, my brother Andrew gets one, but Matthew and David have to figure out something else. There is a fold away bed in the sofa, so Matthew took the mattress from that and sleeps on the floor, and David just sleeps on the couch. halfway, through our stay, those of us with beds are supposed to switch.

Stores in town close at 6, so we didn't get much shopping done since it took a while to adjust to the flat, but we got some groceries and ordered a pizza for dinner. It took over an hour to arrive, and when it did, it came in a Mercedes Station Wagon. Apparently, the driver couldn't be found, so the owner drove it over. He gave us a couple free orders of fries (called chips).

The next day, I left my family and went to hang out with a couple of girls from Calvary Chapel Motherwell. They took me around Glasgow for a while before taking me to their leader (Pastor Dave Simpson) to talk about a possible mission trip in the future for my church, Calvary Chapel Chico. It was a good talk, and I got to pray for him. Then we went to New Lanark, which was a woolen mill on the bank of the River Clyde. I suppose they still mill the wool, but it's more of an attraction. After a private viewing of National Treasure 2, (Yes, you read that right... we had two hours and Nicola got it in the mail that day.) We went to a home study on the book of Ezra. It was an overview, but it was cool. Douglas led the discussion, and likened the experience to a pondering of what it would be like if soccer (called football) died and a bunch of them were disgusted and went to the US. 70 years later, they went back and tried to reintroduce it to the nation. We reasoned what would have to happen and what we would need to do, and related that to what Zerubbebel and Ezra were doing. It was an interesting way to look at it.

Today, my family and I went to Dumbarton Castle. It was cool, and I did take pictures, but I'm not going to post them tonight. You'll have to trust me that it's cool. There was a lot of climbing because the castle was built on a large rock (not unlike Morro Rock, but bigger) and we climbed to the top (stairs) and walked all around.

Then we went to Alexandria. This is where my dad spent his teenage years. We saw his high school and apartment building (which will be torn down soon). We also climbed the hill and wandered in the cemetary for over an hour looking for my grandparent's grave. The last time I was here, I was 6 (22 years for you non math people). I remembered that it was up on the left and I remember which way it was facing, but it still took a while to find it. I didn't remember having to cross a bridge and I don't remember the tree right behind the tombstone. It was strange being in a place where I had family history. I'm just so used to not having attachements to any place, but to know that I was walking the same streets that my grandfather (whom I never met) walked was kind of eerie. He used to bowl in that club. He walked my father through that door when he turned 18. This street was lined with men from the bowling club when his casket drove to the cemetary. I think I found the grave the first time I was there too. I don't really know what kind of man he was. I don't know if I'm like him. I don't know if it's important.

But now, I'm back in my room, ready to go to bed. Tomorrow, we go to Edinburough.

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scotland kicks butt.