Sunday, June 07, 2009

Side Trip to Kent

Today, we went by train to the English Countryside to see my father's cousin's daughter Ann and her family. I'm not sure if that makes her my second cousin, or third cousin and if she's removed or not. Her husband Steve picked us up from the train station and we met their three kids, Andy, Sam, and Meagan. My uncle Sam was supposed to come with us, but missed the train due to some wrong information. He had to come on the next train. The English Countryside was beautiful. It was so green and we saw horses, cows, and deer from the train tracks. We had sandwiches for lunch, but then we went to go look at an old church that was visited by King Henry the 8th when he was destroying Abbys and English Gardens. The kids had some pets. They had three Guinea Pigs and a cat. I'm sorry, but picture upload isn't working tonight.

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