Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to Write a Poem.

Writing a poem is easy. It's art. There is no right or wrong in art. You just do it and people can like it or not depending on how they are feeling at a time. Lots of people don't feel like they can write poetry. It's easy. Here's what you do. Take a body of text, a description of something, and remove all the words under five letters. For instance, the paragraph I have just written would be as follows:

There right wrong
People depending feeling
People write poetry
Description something remove words under letters.
Instance, paragraph written would follows.

Make sure to read it with a mystical voice. it's okay as it is, but it works better with description. Think of a meadow in the forest. Your description of it might be like this:

There is a meadow in the forest. A meadow is an area of grass surrounded on all sides of trees. It's green. Flowers grow there. People in love run through it barefoot in slow motion into each other's arms and lie in the grass with their heads together discussing how they will run off and get married.

Now take out all the words under five letters and call it art:

There meadow forest.
Meadow grass surrounded sides trees.
People through barefoot motion other's grass heads together discussing married.

Don't forget the mystical voice. Congratulations! You're a poet.


Diane said...

my poems have words shorter than five letters.

Jonathan Dow said...

This isn't the only way

Diane said...

i need to write a poem. sometimes a blog post just won't do.

Jonathan Dow said...

So write one.

Diane said...

i'm going to. after the girls go to bed. if i can find the right words.

Jonathan Dow said...

I hid all the words in the dictionary. If you can't find them, they're in there.

Diane said...

goofy ;)