Friday, December 18, 2009

Sleep is Cheap and Dreams are Free

Sleep is cheap and dreams are free

so goodnight.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of all days, today happened after yesterday.

So I thought about waking up early today... but to no surprise, it didn't happen. I did get up about 10am. I had an appointment to have internet installed in my house today between 10 and 12. I figured that he wouldn't show up in the first hour... okay, so I assumed that the installation person was a guy. I was right. Does that make me a sexist? Or does that make companies that do installations in houses sexist for hiring so many guys, that we all just assume... Anyway, I get a call a little after noon and he says he'll be there in 10 minutes... which turned into 15. I gave him directions to my house (since it is invisible) and when he showed up, I was pleased to see that he too had the name Josh Thompson. (For those of you who don't know Josh from my Central Coast days, I'm sorry. You're missing out.) He said that it would be hooked up in no time, but apparently, no time was an hour and a half including the visit from his supervisor. He finally finished at 1:45 and I had to get to church to run the tech stuff for a memorial service... well... I ended up pushing about ten buttons... but it was all in how I pushed them... with my finger... I don't know why people get so intimidated by this stuff... anyway, I should probably begin a new paragraph. this one is getting long.

So the lady who died seemed to be a very generous and loving grandma who loved the Lord. Pastor Bud officiated the service and although there were tears, we were all confident that she was in Heaven with Jesus. I spent an hour or so just talking to different people at church and had a nice chat with Pastor Will. It pushed my Costco trip back from 3 to 4. The samples weren't that great today... but it's Monday. Fridays are good sample days. I was going to buy a space heater, but the one I looked at last week wasn't there. I guess I'll just live with the one I have. It's not a bad space heater... it just isn't a good one either. It takes a long time to heat up, and even when it is heated, I can still touch the coils without burning myself. I think I shall refer to it as a space warmer rather than a space heater. But I got food for my freezer and a couple of Christmas gifts so I consider the trip a success.

My next challenge was to try and change the window switch on my car. I got the whole panel out, but could not get the switch out. I tried for half an hour. It was getting dark and I couldn't see anymore, so I came inside and lay down for a while. For some reason, my body was just tired and sore. I think it was just with the business of yesterday and the running around and playing with the kids. There are some muscles that hurt that I thought I used all the time... I guess I just used them for sitting. I can't think of what I did to them to cause all the complaining I got from them today... Anyway, I wasn't sleepy, but lying down was relaxing.

At 6pm, I picked Oscar up and we went to dinner with the guys' Monday night Bible Study. Mushrooms and Bacon should always be on burgers. Yum. Bible Study was great. Gabe taught on the first chapter of Hebrews. It was easy to see the frustration on his face as he wanted to talk about so much, but realized that people had finals the next day. He does a good job staying on point.

At the end of the day, I am enjoying the faster internet, getting work done and trying to set up my wireless router... it's not as fun as juggling puppies, but then again, not much is.

Wireless internet is not happy... maybe I'll try again later. I'm losing focus.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Busy day, but I got 8 hours of work in and snuck up on a cop

I don't think I want to bore you with details of all I did today, but as I was leaving church, there was a cop in a marked pickup sitting outside... right outside, so I went out and tapped on the window. He jumped and rolled it down a bit. I asked if he was wanting to get inside for anything and he said no, so I locked up and left.

That's all.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some days it would be good to start over... or live backwards

So I couldn't get out of bed this morning. I started making myself wake up early to read a devotion book the last couple of days thinking that I'll nap for a few hours after I read. It hasn't been working. Tomorrow, I'm going to just try and get up. Today, I finally got out of bed at noon. I had a speaking appointment at noon-thirty so went there and once i got there, I realized that I forgot my Bible. Well... the Lord is good enough to write His word on my mind and my heart so I did okay without it, although a half-hour seems super short when you're speaking... After that, I left and was going to go to the bank and get something to eat. I checked my backpack for my paycheck and couldn't find it. I supposed that I left it at church. Ug. So I went to get some note cards for church and something to eat (Teriyaki house is amazing) and was approached by some homeless guy asking for change when I came out. He said he just got to Chico and it's really cold at night. The best part was that I just happened to have the extra sleeping bags and blankets and stuff from our homeless search on Monday so I gave him some supplies to make the night more bearable. He was really happy.

Pulling out of the restaurant parking lot, I suddenly realize that I did have a Bible in my Backpack the entire time!!! sigh. Then I got to church and started to eat. I got out some books to read while I ate and lo and behold, my paycheck was in one. I had that the entire time too!!! Then Norbert swung by to help out with my power problem. I was in my office late last night working and it was so cold, I had my space heater going and blew a fuse. I kept running upstairs to flip breakers and nothing works so I called Norbert. We walked into my office, and I showed him where everything was plugged in and found a little breaker on the side of the power strip. Flipping that solved my problem. Thanks for coming down Norbert.

After that, I did my flight of the Bumblebee get the church ready for service, picked up kids to bring them to church and Abbie helped with the final touches. Thanks Abbie.

Then I rounded the high schoolers up for something special. And this was a wonderful idea that Abbie had. We all went to the High School room and Abbie led a couple of worship songs on her guitar. She did great. Then I read Acts 2:44-47 and asked the kids what they thought about that verse and how it could be applied to their lives. We had some wonderful answers that resulted in us all eating together. We couldn't decide where to eat, so we all went out, got food, and brought it back and ate in the Lobby. It was wonderful.

I taught the kids that night about the divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Good lesson. Good kids. I had them suggest names to name the new guppies I have since the beta died over Thanksgiving... my fault... it was an accident... and maybe a little neglect... I haven't read the suggestions yet. Saving that for tomorrow. There are also some prayer requests from the kids to read tomorrow. Just that alone should make tomorrow a good day, but I also have a High School on campus ministry, a sound board training session and I'm running media for a cub scout meting... and Don should be dropping by to get a few things for his step-dad's memorial. It will be another busy one. Hopefully, I'll get paid for more than just four hours tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Treasure Hunt and Taylor

So today was an interesting day. I lost about 10 minutes this morning. I don't know where. I got in my car, looked at the clock, and I was ten minutes late. Up until that point, I thought I was on time. AHHH!!!... well... after a trip to the $ Tree to get eleven 3-liters of soda, (That's right, they sell 3 liter bottles) I met up with John to bring pizza and soda to an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) on the Chico High Campus. My afternoon at work consisted of a treasure hunt. I had five items to look for.
1. Missing Table from Children's Ministry
2. Offering Box for a memorial service on Sunday
3. Low wattage light bulb for a music stand light
4. Crowns for the Wise men in the musical
5. Gifts from the Wise-Men to Jesus

I found number 5 pretty easily. I found our stash of light bulbs but no low wattage ones, so I crossed 3 off my list. I asked everybody at church about the rest. I got a lot of suggestions but none panned out. I did find 1 in the lobby. It was covered in butcher paper and used as a table for toys for tots. I marked the bottom of it with a sharpie. 2 seems to have vanished. Someone said that it got used for something off church grounds and my guess is that it never made it's way home. 4 is still a mystery, but I think they were just used and abused so much they got thrown away. The treasure hunt isn't all I did today, but it was kinda fun and exciting.

I got some texts today from someone named Taylor who lives down in Fair Oaks. I don't know who this Taylor is and this Taylor thought I was someone named Jacob Cole. It was a wrong number, but when I got texted, "Is this Jacob?" I responded with, "No. Is this Jesus?" It wasn't. That's how I found out it was Taylor. I then asked, "Do you know Jesus?" Well... it turns out Taylor is a Christian and tried to get me to come to church tonight, but I told Taylor that I had a meeting that I couldn't skip. I was the note taker. A few texts later, Taylor figured out that I wasn't lying and that I was, in fact, not Jacob Cole. Slight embarrassment ensued, but I quickly invited Taylor to my church, but then I found out that Taylor lives in Fair Oaks, and goes to New Life.

Hmm... New Life... I have one of those.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm cold

I'm cold. I know that there are colder places on earth. I'm aware that there are people who have to sleep outside in this weather and I shouldn't be complaining. I just wanted to let you know, I'm cold.

I would move to a warmer climate if I could, but God told me to move here. I enjoy the heat here during the summer, but now it's winter and I'm cold. The heater in my house takes a long time to heat up the house, and I would leave it on when I'm gone, but I'm afraid of it falling over and starting a fire... although I've left it on before on accident and it was okay. Maybe I'll move it to the bathroom so it's not on carpet... but it's silly to keep it in the bathroom because I don't spend a lot of time in there.

Anyway, I'm cold in my house unless I'm in bed, so I'm going to go there. Goodnight.