Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of all days, today happened after yesterday.

So I thought about waking up early today... but to no surprise, it didn't happen. I did get up about 10am. I had an appointment to have internet installed in my house today between 10 and 12. I figured that he wouldn't show up in the first hour... okay, so I assumed that the installation person was a guy. I was right. Does that make me a sexist? Or does that make companies that do installations in houses sexist for hiring so many guys, that we all just assume... Anyway, I get a call a little after noon and he says he'll be there in 10 minutes... which turned into 15. I gave him directions to my house (since it is invisible) and when he showed up, I was pleased to see that he too had the name Josh Thompson. (For those of you who don't know Josh from my Central Coast days, I'm sorry. You're missing out.) He said that it would be hooked up in no time, but apparently, no time was an hour and a half including the visit from his supervisor. He finally finished at 1:45 and I had to get to church to run the tech stuff for a memorial service... well... I ended up pushing about ten buttons... but it was all in how I pushed them... with my finger... I don't know why people get so intimidated by this stuff... anyway, I should probably begin a new paragraph. this one is getting long.

So the lady who died seemed to be a very generous and loving grandma who loved the Lord. Pastor Bud officiated the service and although there were tears, we were all confident that she was in Heaven with Jesus. I spent an hour or so just talking to different people at church and had a nice chat with Pastor Will. It pushed my Costco trip back from 3 to 4. The samples weren't that great today... but it's Monday. Fridays are good sample days. I was going to buy a space heater, but the one I looked at last week wasn't there. I guess I'll just live with the one I have. It's not a bad space heater... it just isn't a good one either. It takes a long time to heat up, and even when it is heated, I can still touch the coils without burning myself. I think I shall refer to it as a space warmer rather than a space heater. But I got food for my freezer and a couple of Christmas gifts so I consider the trip a success.

My next challenge was to try and change the window switch on my car. I got the whole panel out, but could not get the switch out. I tried for half an hour. It was getting dark and I couldn't see anymore, so I came inside and lay down for a while. For some reason, my body was just tired and sore. I think it was just with the business of yesterday and the running around and playing with the kids. There are some muscles that hurt that I thought I used all the time... I guess I just used them for sitting. I can't think of what I did to them to cause all the complaining I got from them today... Anyway, I wasn't sleepy, but lying down was relaxing.

At 6pm, I picked Oscar up and we went to dinner with the guys' Monday night Bible Study. Mushrooms and Bacon should always be on burgers. Yum. Bible Study was great. Gabe taught on the first chapter of Hebrews. It was easy to see the frustration on his face as he wanted to talk about so much, but realized that people had finals the next day. He does a good job staying on point.

At the end of the day, I am enjoying the faster internet, getting work done and trying to set up my wireless router... it's not as fun as juggling puppies, but then again, not much is.

Wireless internet is not happy... maybe I'll try again later. I'm losing focus.


Diane said...

why am i always surprised that you like mushrooms? lol

Jonathan Dow said...

Maybe because they are fungi instead of vegetables?