Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Treasure Hunt and Taylor

So today was an interesting day. I lost about 10 minutes this morning. I don't know where. I got in my car, looked at the clock, and I was ten minutes late. Up until that point, I thought I was on time. AHHH!!!... well... after a trip to the $ Tree to get eleven 3-liters of soda, (That's right, they sell 3 liter bottles) I met up with John to bring pizza and soda to an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) on the Chico High Campus. My afternoon at work consisted of a treasure hunt. I had five items to look for.
1. Missing Table from Children's Ministry
2. Offering Box for a memorial service on Sunday
3. Low wattage light bulb for a music stand light
4. Crowns for the Wise men in the musical
5. Gifts from the Wise-Men to Jesus

I found number 5 pretty easily. I found our stash of light bulbs but no low wattage ones, so I crossed 3 off my list. I asked everybody at church about the rest. I got a lot of suggestions but none panned out. I did find 1 in the lobby. It was covered in butcher paper and used as a table for toys for tots. I marked the bottom of it with a sharpie. 2 seems to have vanished. Someone said that it got used for something off church grounds and my guess is that it never made it's way home. 4 is still a mystery, but I think they were just used and abused so much they got thrown away. The treasure hunt isn't all I did today, but it was kinda fun and exciting.

I got some texts today from someone named Taylor who lives down in Fair Oaks. I don't know who this Taylor is and this Taylor thought I was someone named Jacob Cole. It was a wrong number, but when I got texted, "Is this Jacob?" I responded with, "No. Is this Jesus?" It wasn't. That's how I found out it was Taylor. I then asked, "Do you know Jesus?" Well... it turns out Taylor is a Christian and tried to get me to come to church tonight, but I told Taylor that I had a meeting that I couldn't skip. I was the note taker. A few texts later, Taylor figured out that I wasn't lying and that I was, in fact, not Jacob Cole. Slight embarrassment ensued, but I quickly invited Taylor to my church, but then I found out that Taylor lives in Fair Oaks, and goes to New Life.

Hmm... New Life... I have one of those.

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Diane said...

lol that was a funny story. i get wrong texts too... except they're usually guys looking for some girl who gave them the wrong number on purpose because she doesn't want to see them again. and yes, it's always the same girl. and they never believe i'm not her. oh well lol. what a cool way to tell someone about Jesus.