Sunday, January 24, 2010

Almost got pinched today

I haven't updated my blog in a while, and someone let me know today.. or yesterday since it is past midnight... but anyway, I got home from church, heated up some frozen mini-pizza, and watched Swing Vote with a Kevin Cosner who swears a lot and a little girl who took care of her dead beat dad. It was an unhappy movie. It starts out with him being drunk and this little girl taking care of him. The girl did a great job playing the (maybe 9 year old) daughter and I was appalled at the amount of swearing they can get away with in a PG-13 movie with a kid in a lead role. I'm sure if they cut out the swearing, it would be down to a PG or G. There wasn't anything else bad in it... except bad parenting and bad acting... but I don't think they give higher ratings to bad acting... Anyway, the movie is about a neck and neck presidential election that comes down to one vote... that's right, Kevin's. the way they pulled that one off can pass for believable. So the movie is about these two presidential candidates (one is the incumbent) trying to win over his vote. They change platforms and say whatever they can to get his vote and throw parties and get celebrities and everything. Unfortunately, it got me thinking about what I don't like about our political system.

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy living in America and I know that we don't have a perfect society, but it grosses me out how politicians spend millions and millions on elections and throw huge parties when our economy is in shambles and people are living on the street. When hard working people are jobless and shamed, politicians are taking six months off from running the country so they can spend millions of dollars campaigning. Do presidents really have in interest in bettering our country? Or are they just interested in the next four years?

Life isn't easy. But what makes it harder is watching people waste what they have on what is temporary. Most of the politicians in the US will claim to be Christian. Our current president makes that claim. Being a Christian means that we follow Christ. While I can't answer for those in power, for the people who represent me to the world, I can answer for me. I do follow Christ, and He is my representative to the Father. I would vote for Jesus.

But it got me thinking... if it were up to you to choose who would be the next president, how would you decide? You only have two candidates and they want to please you. They are politicians through to the core, and you had to choose. The world is watching. The media camps outside your trailer... or house. What would you have them do? What would you ask them? Would you believe anything they promised you? I'm curious. Let me know in a comment.

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