Monday, February 15, 2010

The Good + The Bad = The Ugly

I just woke up from a dream. I dreamed that I was a good guy in a world where the line between good and bad was more clearly defined. People knew I was a good guy and came to me for help. I didn't have powers, but I could fight and would fight for good. One of my enemies was Darth Vader. I was having a battle with him when he just gave up. He said, "I don't really know why I do this anymore." He turned off his light saber and looked at me. "Just go ahead and kill me."

I turned mine off too. "That's not what I'm here for."

He took off his helmet and underneath was Johnny Depp as Captin Jack Sparrrow. "You're not going to kill me?"


"Then what the... there was an explicative here... am I supposed to do now?"

"That's actually something I can help with." I started talknig about how he could turn his life around and repent and do good.

"Whatever" He didn't want to listen to me. He stepped out of his boots and dropped his light saber and walked off. I grabbed his light saber and followed at a distance. He kept shedding his gear as he walked and ended up at a huge mansion on a hill, took off a key from around his neck and opened the door. It was his mansion.

The next few days, I spied on him to see what he would do. All he did was loaf around the mansion drinking soy sauce from the bottle. I figured that he didn't need to be watched anymore and would re-emerge, for good or bad, when he was ready.

Over the course of those days, I met a guy who was freaking out because half of his face changed to someone else. He didn't know what to do about it. Neither did I. I didn't have any books or powers or magic. I was just me. He got mad at me because I couldn't help him.

A few days after I stopped watching Vader, I came across a free bottle of Soy Sauce, so I thought I would bring it over and say 'hi.' I also wanted to see if his habit had changed. So I walked it over there and rang the bell. He answered (of course as Depp) and asked what I wanted. I handed him the bottle and said that I just thought he would like this. I had already removed the cap on the way over and dropped it (accidentally) so I held it in my other hand. He took the bottle, sniffed it, and looked at the label. "Me favorite brand."

He was about the close the door, but I offered him the cap too, "Just in case you don't finish it in one go." He actually said thanks when he closed the door.

Then on my way back home, I passed a mirror, and noticed that half my face was someone else. It was an older darker face, and it was mean. I touched and prodded and felt and squeezed and it seemed like I had control over the face, that I could move it and change it's expression and could feel my finger when I touched it. I didn't understand.

As I rounded the corner in the hallway, I could see a large man with a quarter of his face changed. The meaner face was the more dominant one. I spoke up and said, "Looks like you're having the same problem I'm having."

He was startled that I approached from behind, since he was about to knock on my door. One look at me and I could see the defeat in his eyes. "What do you think it means?"

"I don't know." We sat down to talk about it. For him, it started as half of a face and he was upset by it and the mean face started to take more territory. Then the guy who was angry at me before showed up and laughed at me. He said that it came around and now I had to deal with it. I noticed that his face was whole again, but it was the mean one and not the nicer of the two. Another person showed up with a half face. This one was young and fat. He sat down with us and had the same questions that I couldn't answer.

The taunter one walked off laughing at all three of us. As he was leaving, he called out the answer. "It's good verses bad. The dark side verses the light."

I called after him, "And which did you choose?"

He stopped. "I chose the dark. there's power and energy here. The good just sit down all day long and live normal lives until they are meet someone who's bad. Then they just whine and cry but do nothing. That's not me. I want the power." He walked off.

The big guy got up to go. "I guess it's inevitable. I'm almost there anyway." He was sad about it, but didn't want to hear any encouragement to fight.

The young fat one said that he was going to be half good and half bad. He thought it was cool and he was going to hold one light saber right side up and one upside down. Then he could do whatever he wanted, either good or bad.

I chose to be good. To be all good. I didn't want this bad side to be a part of me, and even though I had to wear it on my face, I didn't want to show it in my speech or my actions. They tried to dissuade me, but I had already made up my mind. I was going to be good.

The big guy walked away with his head down. The fat one looked for a cool costume, and the mean one came back with Darth Vader's boots. "Look what I found!"

"He'll want those back someday." I called after him.

So I woke up wondering what this means. Why didn't I just fight them once they decided to be evil? Why did I bring Vader/Depp/Sparrow a gift? As soon as I asked these questions, answers flooded through me.

The dream means that there is a trial coming. It is a test on whether or not I'm going to choose to be good. I didn't fight them because being good isn't fighting evil, but resisting. I brought a gift in hopes that he would see that I am good, both to friends and to my enemies.

What do you think?

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