Monday, March 08, 2010

A dream and a couple of questions.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to solve a series of puzzles in order to catch a brilliant, but twisted psychopath and my computer had been hacked into. I was trying to fix it when I realized my friend Alisa wasn't there anymore. I thought it strange that she was gone when the window appeared on my screen saying that he (the criminal I've been after) took someone close to me.

Well, I called Alisa's cell to see if it was true and a guy's voice answered. He asked me for the five digit pin. I, of course didn't know it, and tried to figure out who it was answering the phone. The voice then asked if I was Kevin. I said no and he hung up.

Then I woke up because Snaps wanted to go out, so I let her out and was thinking about the dream. It occurred to me that the name Kevin has five letters and maybe that was the pin. I went back to sleep and the dream continued. I looked up Kevin on a phone and gave the person on the other end those numbers and he released Alisa. Now this might be the break I was looking for. If Alisa could identify him or anything that would help, maybe I could catch this guy. Unfortunately, I woke up before I could ask her.

On another subject, I've been wondering how important it is to have unity between churches. Different churches obviously have different views on doctrines or we would all be one, right? Does that mean we should get along? Shouldn't? Some churches get together to do events and it seems like a good thing, but I also think that the churches who don't participate have a good reason. I doubt that it is just because they are lazy. We are all supposed to be part of one body, right?

I suppose it would be hard to be at a combined church service and hear someone preach something other than Christ, or focus on a doctrine that differs between churches, and the elders of one church endorsing that event by being a part of it and telling their congregation to go and have someone from a different church give a message that contradicts the messages they hear on a regular basis.

I think it's good for people to think for themselves and make decisions based on Scripture, but I couldn't tell someone to go listen to a lie and make up his own mind. I would tell them that what I say is the truth because I got it from scripture, and if I couldn't get it from scripture, I would just say that I didn't know.

I also wonder if these combined services are more focused on experiences and feeling unified as a body through the body more than focused on God and feeling unified as a body because we are all seeking and serving the same God. Turning the lights down and playing music is good. I enjoy that. I'm sure people come away from that feeling really good and close to God, and listening to testimonies is a great encouragement and it's wonderful to root for God, and even praying is a good thing, but many different people pray many different things, and you never know if someone will pray something you can amen. I love teaching from the Word because the Word is always good. God promises that just reading it will be fruitful.

But do I just trust God with all those issues? If these people are following God, wouldn't the Holy Spirit keep them from preaching weird things or praying wrong things? I don't know. I would love to hear thoughts.

I had a third thing I wanted to discuss, but I got a late night phone call which got me off topic, but brought up another one. How responsible are we for getting annoyed at other people's actions? If someone treats us a certain way, (whether he or she is right or wrong) is it okay for us to feel annoyed?

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