Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I forgot I still had this blog

I've been down tinkering in the folds of my mind... yes, my mind has folds, and not I don't think that's strange. The unfolded mind isn't a very useful mind, in my opinion. Of course my opinion matters. I'm the only one here, besides Snaps, and she's trying to sleep... what do you mean? Yes, I'm the only one here, I just said so. No, Snaps isn't talking to me, she's sleeping. Besides, she's a dog. Dogs don't talk. Why I'm talking to you. You're... umm... you are... well, I don't know what you are, but I know what you're not. You're not Einstein because if he were here, he wouldn't argue with me about something as silly as minds having folds. He KNEW that minds have folds and if he were here, he would be telling me something very intelligent about now... either that or sticking out his tongue at me. Yeah, whatever. Be that way. Maybe you should just leave. Well I never liked you either. I don't even know who you are anyway.

Good, now that he's gone, we can get back to business.

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