Monday, April 19, 2010

my trip to my parent's... the first night

Consider the ant. It has six legs, but works seven times a week. God did not command the ant to rest. It gives it's life and it's livelihood to serve the colony. Look at the bee. Also six legs, but works seven days a week. God did not command the bee to rest either. It also gives it life and livelihood for the hive. Neither expect any reward or recognition. They just do it. Now I'm not an ant nor am I a bee... (mental note to remove stinger) I have two legs and am commanded to work six days and rest one. I haven't been very good at that commandment. I did it for a long time... but I wanted to serve more. It's the rest that got me. I did it wrong. I just sat around... resting... Sometimes I wouldn't change out of my pjs all day long and wouldn't go outside so I could be "resting." I would wear myself out the day before knowing I had a rest day and would spend most of it sleeping. I heard this is what a pastor did. I didn't like it.

So I decided to serve on that day. I think it was a better choice. Not the best choice, but serving seven days is better than living six days for God and one day for yourself. I kept coming across passages in the Bible and in books about the Bible where Jesus got away to pray. I realized I have been missing that. My prayers (although many) have been offered up while my hands were working, while my eyelids were closing for the night (morning), while I was driving somewhere to do something. I've been doing the praying without ceasing, but I wasn't ceasing to pray. I need prayer. God is a God who can run the universe and meet us one on one at the same time. I can and do multitask most of the time, but when someone wants to be my friend... (hmm...) I don't want to multi-task while friending them. When I want to be someone's friend... (double hmm...) I don't multi-task in from. Or at least I shouldn't. (I do... sorry... I don't think I've been a great friend.)

I know I have a lot to do. I am hoping it's all for a season, but I fear that it may be a long season. Is this a test of endurance or is it just foolishness? I think of the ant and the bee and think that it's all for the colony. It's all for the hive. I don't want to be selfish... which I still don't want to be... but I am commanded to rest. My verse of this trip is Matthew 11:28, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." I don't think I'll get it. My parents already have most my day planned. My father said that he wouldn't wake me up, that he would let me sleep in, and we'll go recycle the cans in the morning. You think a father would know his eldest better. Then, at 3, we go to the city to have dinner with my mom and then back to the house by 8pm.

But the good news is, I have a theme for High School Winter Camp. God is already answering the prayers I prayed in the car while driving home... it wasn't a great prayer time... I was too unfocused to listen, but I could ask. Anyway... pray for me. I've also had the desire to do some creative writing... maybe another post?

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