Friday, April 23, 2010

Water vs Mountain

The skies are dark. The clouds float silently overhead like fat ninjas. The mountain stands vigilant, but motionless in the dark. The clouds gather and bunch together over the mountain and rally it's troops for the attack. They send out a scout. He doesn't come back. They send out another. He doesn't come back either. Then, it unleashes it's army of millions and millions of drops that free fall to their victim below. They attack everything. The mountain tries to capture as much as it can of its enemy and feed them to its green battalion. The cloud attacks and attacks and attacks. In each attack, each warrior tries to break off a piece of the mountain and carry it as they find each other and band together. Then they travel as a stream until they have enough units to make a creek and only as a creek until they can form a river. Then they march to the ocean so they can prepare for the next raid. Their job isn't over. The rock still stands.

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