Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You may not want to read this.

She keeps her eyes closed because he told her. She feels the cool air rush past her face. Her arms harvest goosebumps in anticipation. She can't control her breathing. She takes a couple steps forward, her feet sink in the wet sand. The cold water washes up over her feet. It tickles. "Just a little farther," she hears him whisper. She can feel his hands on her hips to guide her. She can feel every finger through her dress. Another step. She wiggles her toes in the sand. Her big toe finds a shell; flat, smooth. The water is now up to her knees. She bends down to touch the water and the incoming succession of waves kiss her fingertips. The scent of the sea swirls in her head and the chatter of the waves calms her nerves. He told her he had a surprise. She feels her excitement caught up in her throat and her smile is permanently chisled into her face. Her cheeks start to hurt, but she can't stop. "Stop." His whisper is a song in itself. His breath, a warm breeze in her ear. She stands still. Her feet sink into the sand. She feels it covering the tops of her feet. The hem of her dress is wet and the waves paste it to her legs. She waits. Her will battles within her. She wants to look. She wants to see what the surprise is. It's perfect. It's better than anything she ever asked for. It has to be. But she can't open her eyes. Not until he says so. If she peeks, maybe she would be disappointed. Maybe he wouldn't give it to her. She has to wait until he says, "Look." His hands wrap around her stomach and she hugs his forearms. She presses her back against his chest and she can feel his face next to hers. His mouth is close to her ear and she listens intently for that command. She imagine the sound of his lips parting. She waits.

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