Monday, June 21, 2010

A quick round up of the last couple of weeks.

So it's been a while... boy has a lot happened... The quick version is High School Summer Camp and VBS. I believe that my ministry at Calvary is starting to make difference. I know that sounds weird after two years of being here and working and ministering, but I believe that God's just getting started.

At High School Summer Camp, we held workshops which were a huge success. Not necessarily in numbers (although one had almost half the camp) but in personal growth. Kids felt like they could be open and ask the questions they wanted to ask, and we would answer.

VBS was fun too, and it wiped me out each day, but God gave me the strength and energy to continue and finish. In a seven day period, I taught 30 times. A new record for me. Then over the following two days, I taught three more times. I was super encouraged by feedback of that ill-prepared 30th teaching, which goes to show that it's God and not me.

At night, along with my devotional, I read a book called God's Smuggler. It's about a guy who smuggles Bibles into Communist countries in the 60's. And by smuggles, he puts them in his car and prays that th guards don't notice when he drives across the boarder. God performs miracle after miracle and provides for this guy completely. It helps me because I look at what I make and what I spend and what I do for free. But if God can provide all that for Brother Andrew, could He not also provide for me? I'm going to try and skimp a little more on luxuries, but I would hate to cut back on any of the ministries I participate in. A couple have changed on me for now, but that's okay. I can deal with change. My book club has reduced to just me, but I think I know where it's going... I think it will revive amongst the younger crowd instead of the older, although I was blessed with them.

On a more personal note, I need prayer. I am almost afraid to say what for, but God knows. If all goes well, I feel I should know by my birthday. If it doesn't, I think I'll know by then too. If I don't, keep praying.

On an extremely personal note that I don't mind sharing, I am continuing my request to God for the Spiritual gift of Prophecy. I believe that God has already granted me this gift, but I have much to learn on using it. I have added to this request discernment. I have lots of dreams and visions and some I know are from God and some I know are not. There are many that I have yet to figure out, and I am always getting more. I can close my eyes at any time, wait just a few moments, and get a vision of something. I just need to know how to sort them. Thanks for your prayers. I am also finding that I need to be spending more one on one time with people, which is hard to work into my schedule. I need time to work to pay rent and that work is not going out to lunch with people and praying for people and teaching the Word of God. All 30 hours I taught were all unpaid. I don't mind being unpaid for teaching, but doing it 30 times in a week cut into what I could have worked to pay rent and eat.

I need prayer, that God would increase my faith that He will provide the money or me to keep doing what I am doing. It seems that my hardest struggles with trusting God are women and money. The first, I've just shown my trust by not pursuing. I don't need a woman for now. I would like one. It would be nice, but I don't need one. As for money... I wouldn't care for that either excpet that people keep asking me for it and I have very little to give them. I wish that I didn't need it, and envy these high schoolers who live with their parents. Getting my mail is depressing.

On a positive note, 4 kids came to the Lord over VBS. These are four very precious souls which have been added to our number. Four children robbed from the grip of death and given life free and flowing. These are our new brother and sisters. Please pray for them. God knows who they are. Two of them have been given Bibles. I told one that she got the same Bible I teach out of. It made her happy. I love how a teacher can use the same Bible as a 8 year old and the Holy Spirit will connect with each of us where we are.

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