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Day Eight Sunday August 8th, 2010

Day Eight
Sunday August 8th, 2010

“He trusted in the Lord, let Him rescue Him;
Let Him deliver Him, since He delights in Him!”
-Psalm 22:8

This is what the people said to Jesus to mock Him. Maybe if this was happening today, the people would have called themselves scientists and were scientifically testing the claims of Jesus. However, their hypothesis would be wrong. If they were expecting Jesus to come down off that cross as a sign that He really is God, they would have been mistaken and when He died on the cross, they would have probably concluded that Jesus isn’t God.
The fact is that you can’t scientifically prove Jesus is God. If you could, there would be no cause for faith. But God always reacts in a way in which you didn’t expect. He’s full of surprises. He likes to work in different ways and there is no pattern and no formula. He wants you to trust Him. If you must test Him, and I don’t recommend it, lay out the parameters of the test and if God does what you say He would do if He were real, then believe Him the rest of your life and never test Him again. Otherwise, the “I’ll believe in You if You do this one thing” would be a lie on your end and God knows when you’re lying. Also, God is God and your not, and He may not do what you tell Him to do. I am in charge of kids a lot, and I don’t mind listening to them or taking suggestions, but when one of them starts bossing me around, I won’t do it. I’m in charge, not the kid. Even if I wanted to do it in the first place, because I love and care for them and wanted to bless them, I can’t do it when they are being bossy. It teaches them to be bossy, and I care more about their character then them being happy. I believe that God is the same way. I think He cares more about your character than you being happy. I’m using “I think” in this section because I can’t recall any scriptures to back it up, but I’m confident that I know the will of God on this issue. Feel free to show me verses to back me up or prove me wrong.
But in this verse, they are not testing Him, but mocking Him. “If He is from God,” they say, “then why isn’t God rescuing Him?” What they don’t know is that Jesus needed to die for the very sins they were in the middle of committing. It is fitting that on the cross, Jesus asks the Father to forgive them. Can you forgive someone for killing you while they were in the act of killing you? Especially after they beat you and whipped you and humiliated you and mocked you the entire time? I don’t think I could.

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