Friday, August 06, 2010

Day Five Thursday August 5th, 2010

Day Five
Thursday August 5th, 2010

They cried to You and were delivered;
They trusted in You and were not ashamed
-Psalm 22:5

God did deliver His people and God does deliver us. If I trust in the Lord, I shall not be ashamed. Jesus took my shame and bore it on the cross. If I am to be ashamed of anything, it will be the times when I did not trust in Him and did not wait for Him to deliver me. If I think I can do things on my own or get out of a situation by my own cunning, I’m missing out of the glory and the power of God. What would God have done for Jacob if he did not contrive less that honorable ways to get the birthright and the blessing from his brother Esau? God had already promised him. Maybe it would be like his son Joseph, who was also promised power and promised, but found himself being sold into slavery by his brothers. But God made him 2nd in command in Egypt and brought salvation to the known world through the planning and preparation of Joseph. Even when he was accused, Joseph was not ashamed because he did nothing to be ashamed of. The world today is trying to shame believers into going along with everyone else. They are trying to shame us into calling something good that God calls evil. If we trust in God, we will not be ashamed on the day of judgement.

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