Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day Fourteen Saturday August 14th, 2010

Day Fourteen
Saturday August 14th, 2010

I am poured out like water,
And all my bones are out of joint;
My heart melts like wax;
It has melted within Me.
-Psalm 22:14

Jesus hung on the cross. He has emptied Himself of His Godly power to do so. He could have come off the cross at any time. He could have had enough, and left, and let us deal with our sin on our own, but He didn’t. He poured Himself out for us. When He was punctured in the side to see if He was dead, blood and water poured out from His lung. When He was nailed to the cross, His shoulders were dislocated and as He hung, the weight of His body pulled His other bones out of joint. With the body the way it is when it’s on the cross, it’s hard to get a breath. In order to breathe, He would have had to push Himself up on the nail in His feet to get a good deep breath. Otherwise, He could only get shallow quick breaths, which lead to hyperventilation. The heart starts beating really fast to try and get oxygen to the vital organs and literally melts within someone on the cross from working too hard. Jesus went through this for me, because He loves me. He went through it for you, because He loves you. And to top it all off, He knew it was going to happen when He made the world. He knew we would sin, and that our redemption would cost HIm the cross, and He did it anyway. (Keep in mind that this Psalm was written about 1000 years before Christ died on the cross.) If He went through all that for me, what right do I have to ask Him for anything? Well… I’ll tell you. I have the right of a son. I have the right of a child to crawl up into the lap of my Abba Father and ask Him whatever I want. He may say, “no,” but I can still ask. I have that kind of relationship with Him that I can tell Him anything or ask for anything and He will not get upset when I do wrong, because He already paid for it, but He can also tell me anything and ask me to do anything and I don’t get upset at Him. I know that He is God and I trust that He is right, no matter what. Besides, why would I want to get upset at God? Why would I dare? Imagine you find yourself in a minor car accident. It wasn’t your fault. You just got this expensive car and at a stop light, you get rear ended. You might be upset, and you may feel that you have the right to be. You get out of the car and check the damage and it’s horrendous. You may be very angry with the guy who did it, but if that guy is huge and brawny, you will watch the way you talk to him. If that guy gets out of the car with a gun, you would be very careful of what you say. Fear trumps anger. But so many people say such horrible stuff about God and I’m convinced that they wouldn’t dare to say that if they could see Him. I think the fear they would feel would quench their anger. But our God is a merciful God. He takes the abuse and the rejection and the rebellion and He doesn’t immediately distribute justice. He waits for the best time to attempt redemption. He pleads with us to choose Him, because He knows the alternative, but we can’t see it. We have to take His word that it’s bad. There are a lot of things I can’t see. I can’t see God, but I trust Him. I can’t see Hell, but I don’t want to go there. I can’t see Heaven, but I know I’ll like it. I take it on faith. I take Him on faith. I am fearful of Him because He is bigger than anyone and more dangerous to His enemies than any gun. In whatever anger I may conjure up in my life or whatever rights I feel have been violated, I cannot bring up an accusation against my God. I fear Him too much. Also, I know that He is good and I trust that He is doing something good even if it all looks bad to me. But it’s mostly the fear thing. There are people in this world that I would be a fool to start a fight with. But I have a better chance in a fist fight against anyone on earth than fighting against God. I don’t think we can conceive of His power and might. But on the same spectrum. I don’t think we really can conceive of His mercy and grace either. That He would love me so much to go to the cross. The more I learn about what He went through, the more I don’t think I’m worthy of Him dying for me. But He did. And I am thankful. Thank you Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

yes, thank you. please, Lord, help me to see the world like you do; to love the world like you do. Amen.