Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Sixteen Monday August 16th, 2010

Day Sixteen
Monday August 16th, 2010

For dogs have surrounded Me;
The congregation of the wicked has enclosed Me.
They pierced My hands and My feet.
-Psalm 22:16

The Jews often referred to the Gentiles as dogs. Jesus even did it in Mark 7:27. But of course, this is talking about the death of Jesus on the cross. He was surrounded by the Roman guards who were just about all, if not all, Gentiles. There were some Jews around too, like John and His mother, but there were probably mostly guards. And of course, I don’t have to explain how they pierced His hands and His feet. It’s such a direct correlation to the cross, I don’t need to explain it.

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Jason said...

Even surrounded by evil and evildoers and the worst sort of malignment--even then Jesus didn't give in to sin. I often rationilize my sinful reactions...Jesus did not. No matter the pressures I face, no matter the forces brought to bear against me--Jesus is my example of what to do. He loved. In all He did He loved.