Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day Twenty-Eight Saturday August 28th, 2010

Day Twenty-Eight
Saturday August 28th, 2010

For the kingdom is the Lord’s,
And He rules over the nations.
-Psalm 22:28

This is prophecy. Jesus often spoke of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God has three parts. The first part is the community of believers. As a believer, I hail Christ as my King and am part of HIs current kingdom on earth. This kingdom is not of land, or even of flesh, but of soul. My soul is His kingdom and it is what He has been fighting for. It is what He had died for. It is what He rose to prove Himself worthy, and it is what He is jealous over. The second part of the Kingdom of God is the millennial reign. He will reign on the Earth for 1,000 years while the devil is cast into the bottomless pit. He will rule with a rod of iron and during that time, no one will be able to resist Him. (Although I will be with Him and I will not want to resist Him.) Then the devil comes out to deceive the nations and they try and fight against God. (And they lose.) The third kingdom is the new heaven and the new earth that He will create. The book of Revelation talks about this one descending from Heaven. This one lasts forever and there will be no more dying nor crying and we will all know as we are known. (There will also be no sun nor moon nor sea. The streets will be made of gold and God Himself will be the light.)
Now as for the current earth and its nations. They all still belong to God. The earth is God’s and so is everything in it. But right now, there are people who do evil with it, like the evil vinedressers in a parable Jesus told, God sends people to collect from them what is expected and they beat and kill them. God will one day repay them with vengeance, but He is waiting. Do you know what for, Wanda? He’s waiting for anyone who would repent to repent. He’s waiting for people to admit that they are evil and ask for forgiveness. He wants to forgive. He is waiting for everyone who will surrender to surrender so that no one would perish who doesn’t have to. He died to make it possible. If you resist God unto death, you resist Him forever. You have no right to ask for mercy. But if you are still alive, His mercy and His grace are already given. You may still repent. It is my prayer that you do. I’m praying for you, Wanda. Repent. Stop resisting His Holy Spirit. Pray to Him and tell Him you’re sorry. Tell Him that you want to live His way and not your own. If you need someone to talk to, let me know. I’ll explain any words you don’t understand and I’ll pray with you. My email address is me@jonathandow.com

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